Book Launch golf, with NLU at Rolling Green

Thanks for the thumbs up to share this here @Double_Bogey_Dave exciting event coming up in May. NLU plus KVV and Shane Bacon and other friends of the Refuge. Word is @Lazstradamus will be there – or at least he was coming, until the fallout over his being left out of the auction. Hell hath no fury…

As the event is full of family, friends from the book, and media types this is really the only way to get in on the golf at Rolling Green – which is worth the price, partners aside. That price might get a little unfriendly in the auction, but each bid is for two players (unless you’re bidding to be my partner) and proceeds go to our Philly caddie scholarship.

Be well all and thank you for your support of the event and the book. Even if you aren’t mentioned by name in its pages, if you are a member here, you kind of are.


Can you speak to the US government about travel restrictions for those in the UK? I think something like this would warrant special exemptions!

I have the book on pre-order, looking forward to it arriving in May


I hate to be that guy, but is there a contingency for rain/weather? My schedule is really hard to be flexible wrt changes.

Congrats on completing book. Definitely will read as soon as possible. Loved all your other books.

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Dear @TomCoyne
I read your book titled “A Course Called Ireland” five years ago and it touched me deeply. I wrote you an email many years ago expressing my thanks for your effort and was amazed when you replied with such kindness. I say with all seriousness that I owe you for inspiring me to write and share stories that I feel are important.

Mr. Coyne, I would not miss your book launch for the world. I am happy to be attending the event alongside my longtime friend and fellow Coyneophile Scott, a Refuge lurker of the first order.

Was I included in the auction? No, but I believe I speak for all peoples of the African diaspora when I say that’s fine with me.

See you in Philadelphia, @Lazstradamus


If you can tell me how to get this lineup (not just the ones in the auction) back in the same spot at the same time, I’m all ears for a contingency plan.

Otherwise, rain jackets and the band/party starts early!!




In the event of rain, there will still be a scholarship fund.

(this was in poor taste. sorry.)


Thank you, Laz. Incredibly kind of you.


Thank you!

Im not saying cancel for little rain. If lightning storms highly likely, other charities i have participated have offered some non equivalent alternative to complete loss.

But i have no idea what alternatives are available. It might be rain check for another day similar but different players. Different snazzy course sometimes offered without all attendees.

Im not saying you have to.
Im just asking for myself as someone who would be looking to fly there to attend but wouldnt be able to easily switch days.

Ive had other charities that were truly sorry but took the 3k and sent a thank you email following weather cancellation.

Wide range of responses to difficult situations.

Have a wonderful event.

Had I made my career change three years ago, I’d be winning that @Randy/@KVV auction come hell or high water.

Unfortunately, I’m only a year in and the bankroll can’t support it. Wish you guys the best of luck with the event, and congrats on the book @TomCoyne! Can’t wait to read it.


The Chainsmokers? :slight_smile:


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Thank you!

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You got it. Anyone who WALKS IRELAND to play golf is tops in my book.

(see what I did there?)

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Will @KVV do the entire round as Gary Player?


I cannot believe that @KVV and @Randy are not leading this. I’m trying to win the lottery so I can make this happen.

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Can’t begin to tell y’all how excited I am for this…Hit a bucket last night to prepare!