Bonus Charity Raffle for NLU Texas Cup 2023 - Loft and Lie Bundle


Many of you know @imsocrabby here in Central Texas, and if you don’t, well you should. She’s amazing. This year, she donated quite a few items from her golf garage for the NLU Texas Cup 2023 raffle (which, btw, raised more than $1000 this year!). However, the raffle committee executive chairman (i.e. ME) missed one donation she’d made; it was in a plain brown envelope, and I just didn’t even notice it.

Turns out it was a group of four Loft and Lie prints, all 8x10. Two are pictures (the Meditative Labryinth, and a bunker w/rake), and two are course prints. The first course print is Whistling Straits, which is damn cool (I had no idea it was that long of a property). The second is a vintage-style layout of Augusta fucking National.

I asked her if she wanted them back, and she said to keep them. I’d 100% buy just the Augusta print myself. So I thought we’d do another standalone raffle, see if we can raise some more money for AFROF.ORG here in Austin.

Raffle Details

  • Tickets available now, $5 each (see below)
  • Drawing for the prize will be 8pm central time on Tuesday, June 6th
  • You need not be present to win; drawing will be audited by other Strohs members via Zoom

Buying Ticket

  • Raffle ticket sign-up sheet HERE.
  • $5 per ticket, my venmo is at the top of the google sheet, you can buy as many tickets as you want

Pictures of the prints below. Post here with any questions, and thank you in advance for your participation.


And in full Refuge fashion, I’d had the spreadsheet on restricted. It’s editable by everyone now. Sorry about that!

Bumping this @here … want to raffle this off next week!