Any Sydney folks?

As the post says. I’m staying down for work Wednesday and keen for a game anywhere. Prefer in a comp but doesn’t really bother me.

Hit me up if youre keen.

Just seen this @BigswingNoding, I would have played as well. Did you manage to organise a game?

Hey mate. Yeah ended up playing stone cutters.

What did you think of Stone Cutters?

I found it very deceptive. Standing on the tee box you think you can put it anywhere. Only to find that the rough is a no go zone. Like playing through soup. Would almost rather play out of the fairway bunkers.

I’m way early on this but will be in Sydney in January for a wedding. Let me know if anyone is up for a game

I like it. Rough is so short but punishes you bad. Which I didn’t notice the first time I played. Greens are just coming back from being cored and weren’t in greatest shape.

Give me a shout when it’s closer :+1:t2:


Hey - request from the Refuge - if any of you go play St Michaels (south of Sydney, not far from the airport and an amazing course on the coast), I will happily pay for a magnetic ball marker and the postage to mail it to me here in the USA. I bought one and had my backpack stolen with it in it and I just called the pro shop there and they basically said they couldn’t help me. Which is kind of weak, so I’m hoping the Refuge can step in and help. Let me know!

UPDATE: I now have a ball marker so all is well! Thanks to the Refuge for being the proper place to solve idiotic problems like this.

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Keen for a hit mate!

Hey mate, I am playing there next month. Am happy to try and help you out with a marker.

Hey! Truly appreciate it - but @WindyMiller hooked me up already. Quite a course have fun out there!

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