Abandoned Dudes Classic 2.0 - New Raffle Ticket Link is LIVE! - POST 153

The Abandoned Dudes Classic Raffle is now live!

All proceeds will benefit the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, they have been kind enough to setup a URL for to purchase raffle tickets.

Purchase your tickets here

1 Ticket for $5
5 Tickets for $20
10 Tickets for $40
30 Tickets for $100

If for some reason you do not wish to purchase directly via the charity please DM me. I would prefer that all entrants go through the organization.

The Prizes

We will continue to accept donations for prizes and update accordingly in this thread. If you wish to donate a prize please reach out to me via DM so that it can be added to the board.

The Rules

  • You may purchase as many tickets as you wish, however you may only win once. If your ticket is selected, you may choose a prize, after that your other entries are void

  • Deadline to purchase tickets is 4/26/22 at 11:59PM EST

  • Drawing will take place on 4/27/22 at 8PM EST on Microsoft Teams, link will be provided to entrants via email and the NLU Refuge Message Board in this thread

  • Winners will be notified via live drawing, and winners will be posted in real time on the NLU Refuge Message Board in this thread

  • If your name is drawn you will have 5 minutes to choose from the board of available prizes, which will be updated as prices are chosen

  • If you are not present or do not select within the 5 minute window, you will be bumped for the next person drawn, if you do not return by the end of the drawing, a prize will be held for you from the remaining prizes

  • Select prizes will be hand delivered to you at the event at Streamsong Resort between the weekend of 4/29-5/1/2022

  • Select prizes/experiences will take place at an agreed upon date between the winner and host

  • Select prizes will be delivered direct by the individual donating said prize, and winners will be contacted in 1-3 business days

  • The beneficiary organization is Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando located at 2800 County Home Rd., Sanford, FL

Thanks everyone!!!


So in on this!


FYI if anyone has to pick the bicycles to prove they’re not a bot, the motorcycle is a bicycle.


Totally in, but likely won’t select my own prize if drawn. Or will I?…


And for what it’s worth, they don’t consider Jerome Bettis to be a bus for some odd reason…


Updated prize list


New prizes have been added


A couple of new prizes were added to the sheet shoutout to @Geaugolf for her awesome work on both of these and supplying the authentic Masters flag.

Thank you @AnOlGoatTrack for supplying the nest gift, both of these are totally sick!


Just purchased my tix!!!


In for 10 tixs!

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Just bought some tickets as well.

As far as caddies go @Big_RanDeer … is it too late to make a request? I was planning on waiting to see who we are paired with to see if the groups we will be playing with have prior experience there.

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Definitely not too late, I’ll have the pairings posted tonight though.


fuckin siiiiiiiiick

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T’s and P’s for the waiting list. I think this is the first refuge event I’ve seen with no dropouts this late in the game.


In fairness the waitlist did move pretty quickly early on.


Are the raffle items only for those present at the event or will they be mailed out if we are not attending?

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Anyone can enter and win!

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If the chokepoints cooperate there may be an extra bonus surprise in the 2CGC care package.


Cool i bought in for 5. Might need a reminder about the drawing though


In for 5 as well. Great work @Big_RanDeer! Sad I have to miss out on the event.

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