A Second Skirmish at Sandy Burr - 8/14

Great, see you there!

Can’t wait for the 14th would anyone be up for a practice round next weekend?

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Could be down! Will find out if Fiance is out of town later today. If so… game on!

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Out of town next weekend. But you guys enjoy the course. Should be in good shape!

Totally forgot, there’s a Charity Scramble at Sandy Burr this weekend, that’s why all the tee times are gone! Also forgot… I’m playing in that, sorry @rpesch08

Love it will look for a conditions report then :smile: enjoy!

I’m gonna be traveling for the next few days, so sending out this reminder now: if you are on the fence about joining us you have until the 7th to make up your mind, have to give back any unfilled tee times to the course at that time. If you have signed up, please pay or otherwise confirm your intention to play by the 7th as well. Please update your handicaps by the 9th so I can calculate your quota and please let me know any preferences for early/late tee times as well as pairings ASAP.

Thanks again everyone, should be a great time!

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Course report, dry and firm fairways. Greens could use a good mowing they were a tad slow and fluffy. Overall in great shape, gonna be fun next weekend. Except for me 'cause I have no idea how to get anywhere near the par 3’s


Skirmish tee times in your emails. If you made a pairing or early/late request please check and let me know if I missed anything.


Want to thank @TheMassHacker for a great event! Played with some great guys and had some great weather for for it! Would like to state after blasting the opening tee shot 3 fairways right, I did make par, so maybe I didn’t win, but I’d like some kind of asterisk on my card for the record.


Want to thank everyone for coming out on Sunday. It was a great time with pleasant weather, a course in great shape and the most wonderful people. We raised a good chunk of change for the Confetti Foundation and (as far as I know) everyone had a good time. Already started thinking about next year.