419.golf putter raffle for First Tee Lake Erie presented by The Lowrider x FcF

Hello good people of The Refuge. I present “The Caddy” made by the fine folks over at www.419.golf

This putter is stunning in the pics which, as they say, don’t even do it justice. The scalloping is just sick. We went with the Fang tail, Medium weights and the stainless grooved face. We are gonna duck race this thing off Sunday 9/25 at 4pm. $15 a ticket.

venmo with “Lowrider putter” and your refuge name in the notes

edit: go heels


Repping the 419 got to love it!

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Just to update: there are a total of 3 tickets sold so far, your chances are good!

Bump! There are only 5 tickets sold for this gem of a flat stick. someone is going to be really pumped!

I’m for 2 :+1:

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Count me in for one. payment sent!

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love it! Thanks for the support guis!

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Is there a left handed option for the raffle ?

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Unfortunately not it’s 1:1

Alright! almost go time! get those last ducks in!

link to the google meet

@Manhattan with the W! congrats homie! send me that address!

we were able to round up $355! thanks for the support everyone!




Finally! I’ve been swamped with life but I got the donation made to first tee Lake Erie from the raffle for this beaut. Thank you all for the support and be on the look out for the next one….