3BR 4.0 July 20 2024 10 AM - Pete Dye River Course - Blacksburg VA - sign ups open

2nd Annual 3 Bedroom (@Tron thanks for that btw)

Save the date July 23 2022
10:30- 12:30 tee times
Pete Dye River Course at Virginia Tech

Total Cost - $60
$50 18 + cart
$10 donation via venmo/paypal will lock you in once sign ups are live (will announce that here soon too) - non refundable - I lost 23 guys to cancellations last year so its all for a good cause…
charity will once again be Challenger Little League of Roanoke (this event alone last year paid for 2 teams to have jerseys and play free of charge) full non profit paperwork and infor available if needed
I do personally coach a team and volunteer here
taking 32 spots for now
this will once again be a NC vs VA themed event and likely include Roost action as well
I have applied for an NIT spot, but this can go off as unofficial as well if denied that.
Thinking about the same format as last year.

Sign Up Link

I am looking for some help this year:

  1. Someone to handle merch (optional again)
  2. Someone to handle an auction
  3. someone good with computers to make spread sheets and stuff and hold my hand cuz I’m computer illiterate as you all know.

Hell yes. Go Hokies.

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I love it! Go Hokies. Although I already know I won’t be able to defend my title, I look forward to seeing who takes the crown at this Pete Dye gem!

In addition if folks find a way to sneak onto Blacksburg CC its a great course as well.


Will co-sign this take on Blacksburg CC

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Draper is the public I was going to suggest for fri/sun but yeah the BCC if you can get on is the play

Let’s. Go!

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How do we sign up guis!!!?

Its not live yet. Mainly I’m clueless and need someone to make the google sheets and ish and stuff like that.

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I’d be in the same boat! Just switched to watching for when you find someone smart enough to help haha

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I figure I’ll announce it ahead of time to give everyone a fair shot (praying it fills fast for the 32 spots)

I should be able to add some more tee times if we need them later on

this could end up being a roost vs roost or 3 roosts too its a good middle spot for all of them


I’m in as I missed this event last year

Just @ me man.

I will have the sheet ready for you shortly.


I actually was talking about you the other night when I pounded some brews out at Beale’s

thanks kindly as always for looking out for the redneck guise

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since @Smidler was ever so kind to hammer that out I’m gonna post it up at noon ET

confirmed tee times will be

will wait list after the first 32 spots, I am nearly 100% certain we can add more


will your Venmo details be on the sheet? (for the $10 deposit)

or Paypal is a.rice@brrs.net

fair warning, I have a closing today at 3 pm on a rental property I’m getting rid of and then I’m hitting a bucket of balls and won’t update payment until the morning or anything

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sign ups are live

please send the Paypal or venmo to confirm you signing up within a week or so


signed up and paid!


thanks for listing your refuge handle with that as well