(3/4/23) Big Plex Presents "The Forward Press"

@BigPlex and anyone else in our neck of the woods on Saturday March 4, 2023:
We will be teeing it up from the forward tees at Stevens Park. Just a pure net scoring extravaganza to see how low you can go, or alternatively, what weird new spots you can find yourself on a course you may have played a ton. Sign-ups are below. Fee is $66 and includes cart if you’d like (the magnanimous folks at SP wouldn’t allow a walking rate).

Low net winner from Big Plex nest members will earn an auto-qualifier spot into the Roost Regional to rep Big Plex (@Kgilles5 has grabbed the first spot from the Ice Bowl).

Bring your wedges, your aggressiveness, and your humility.

The Forward Press - Stevens Park March 4 Sign Up Sheet - Google Sheets


@BigPlex, if you’re playing in this, please Venmo $66 to @BHstraitvibin at @BrettHHamlin for your green fee.

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@McBusted mind shooting me the Venmo to wrap this up? Thanks!

Ahh shoot I thought I removed myself last week. I wont be able to make it unfortunately. Sorry for the late notice here.

@BigPlex 2 spots still open (950 and 1000am)

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I’ll hop in. Just send the Venmo to BrettHHamlin?

If the second spot is still open, I’ll take it! Let me know.

Reach out to @BHstraitvibin to confirm lots of moving parts with open slots as we try to fill prepaid tee times. There is a thread on the Big Plex Discord for the event

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Edit: there were some errors on the sheet, so there is only one at 9:50.

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