Your Ryder Cup - if Tourney starts next week


This may belong in the thread for contrarian takes. Having played only 4 months of golf this year, he is already top five strokes gained tee to green and around the green. 10th overall in strokes gained with below average putting his last few tournaments. What else does he need to do to prove that he is Ryder Cup ready? He is playing at the level of a top 20 player in the world - I have even heard top 10.


I had a dream that I was in the Ryder Cup and paired with Rickie Fowler who was not happy to see me as a partner. But I was like whatever and was totally striping it.


Your silly stats are no match for the great cherry-pickers of the Refuge.

I’m not sure why there is still debate over him making the team. It’s a done deal unless his game takes a complete 180 over the next couple months. Agree with it or not, it’s happening. Seems more fun to debate who gets the remaining spots.


Agreed. No debate at all. The only question is can he successfully make the data transition from Imperial/Ferenheit to Metric/Celcius.

Aging myself here, but everytime I think of Bryson I see a young Thomas Dolby.


Based on recent trends here is how I predict the Ryder Cup final standings will shake out.

  1. Justin Thomas
  2. Dustin Johnson
  3. Patrick Reed
  4. Rickie Fowler
  5. Bubba Watson
  6. Bryson DeChambeau
  7. Phil Mickelson
  8. Brooks Koepka

Captain’s Picks - Spieth, Woods, Kuchar and then a toss up between Schauffele, Cantlay, Harman, Kisner and Simpson for the final pick.


Jordan is four at the moment so how do you see him dropping out? Even with the awful putting it’d still be fairly hard to see. And honestly if he drops out of the top 8, I would personally think he might be a red flag to bring to Paris.


Unrelated to the Ryder cup topic but- By God I think Bryson needs to be put on probation from the par 3 tournament for shooting +5


I see 8 guys obtaining more points than him.


I wish I could unfollow you from this forum. :slight_smile:


Here’s an idea… if you could trade one person from the RC team for a member of the opposing team, who and why?

I’d trade Poulter for Bubba.

Poulter because I’d like to see the identity crisis it would spark in Captain America. I’d only do it if it was gauranteed they’d play in pairs together.

And Bubba because it would be like Elf in New York. Unhinged joy watching him car crash through the culture like an eager but bewildered kid.


I think Aaron Wise is South African.


He’s American. Just born in South Africa so he won’t be able to run for President.


If the Ryder Cup turns into a putting competition, which there is a strong possibility it might any given year, Woods loses with his poor putting. If he figures out how to putt on greens that aren’t Bermuda, then he’s worthy of a pick


After the U.S. Open, I think we have 4 clear locks: Koepka, Reed, JT and DJ.

Spieth and Fowler still have work left to do, and Watson, Simpson, DeChambeau and Mickelson are all on the bubble. I think all of these guys get a captains pick if they fall outside the top 8.

The final 2 captains picks are gonna be tricky. Kuchar, Harman, Finau and Schauffele will all have compelling cases, and then there is Tiger lurking way down the list. If Tiger really wants it though, I think he has to be a pick. I think the last spot would then go to Kuchar, but I’d want the last spot to go to a rookie (Finau).


Mickelson is a great pick coming off the US Open. Totally acceptable to quick rake after missed putts in the Ryder Cup.


Webb has been playing pretty well, it’s gonna take someone really coming on strong to hold him off I think.


I used to spend the summer rooting against Furyk accumulating Ryder Cup points. Now it’s Webb. I want zero part of him on the team - we can do way better.

Undecided on Cantlay. He has the game, but I’m wary of his inability to interact with humans and obviously his 20 minutes to prepare for a shot. He’d really have to have the perfect partner - someone who doesn’t need to talk to anybody and could treat Cantlay’s slow play as a troll job against the Euros.

Hopefully one of our younger guys will catch fire in the 2nd half of the season and make an obvious pick.


Dark horse for a captain’s pick: Steve Stricker

I’d also like to see Berger and Hoffman jump up the standings over the next 2 months to be firmly in the conversation.


Stricker in good form would I think be pretty intimidating for Europe.


That is certainly an original take. I will give you that.