Your Ryder Cup - if Tourney starts next week


That was my point. He did not get the help of them to date and with Bridgestone the only one left, that is a lot of RC points lost out on for a guy who does not play as many events as many others on the bubble.

Also @aj_wehr I’m with you that we don’t need more Webb in the Ryder Cup but I have to think leaving him off the squad if he hasn’t lost his game by that part of the season is going to be as shocking as Paul Casey routinely getting passed over in Europe. The guy just blew away the toughest field in golf and it wasn’t close. That’s a big win to overlook when filling out captains picks.


Webb was been pretty bad in the Ryder Cup outside of the four ball. And unless he sneaks into the auto 8 he’d be a captains pick. And honestly Tiger, Bryson, Xander, Harman, Finau, or Berger would be so much better in terms of picks. And besides Tiger all those guys would be able to gain crucial experience in the Ryder Cup. But hey whatever keeps the cup here.


Agree with all accept Bryson… has 5 top 10’s this year in good events and already $2.5MM earned this season… pretty much been a hit this year - he’s also top 20 in FedEx points


You are right. He has been playing exceptional this year. My analysis was comparing to Tiger. The Professor has two MC’s, a WD (not fair to judge here), and nearly dead last at the Sentry this year. Compared to Cats one missed cut, I struggle to see him getting the nod over Cat.


Yeah, I’m not saying he will or should get the nod over Tiger - I’m just saying he should definitely be in the conversation for “the next 4 or so golfers” for Captain’s Picks


Dude, he was DFL in the biggest tournament of the year…


+1, hard to wonder how you rack up 4s on the par 3 contest


This is gold! Staggering, but hilarious.


Kuchar MC’d out at Trinity, ending his long run of made cuts.


My team seemingly revises weekly. As it stands:

Point Qualifiers:

Capt. Picks:

Ride the youth/college pedigree.


Could be very wrong, but I find it extremely hard to see Kuch not being on the team. Unless he goes on a string of MC and falls down past 15 or so in the RC standings I would be absolutely shocked not to see him in Paris.


couldn’t agree more with your last thought, “Ride the youth/college pedigree”.

Looking at the updating standings, Wise is not up to 12, Dechambeau is 13, Harman is 11 (not exactly young but still would be a Ryder Cup rookie). I hope that Tiger and Phil are in Furyk’s ear to get young guys across the pond. guys like Kuch and Webb have had their opportunities and neither one really does anything. The young guys (and Harman) will embrace going into enemy territory and while the French will likely be polite, I don’t see the rest of Europe being that way. They will embrace the cauldron of hate and it will be a shootout. Daniel Berger said it best at the Presidents Cup, he didn’t come to have fun, he came to beat the other team as fast as possible. Need more of that attitude. Kuch and Webb don’t bring that.


I think there is a lot of optimism on this thread about these U.S. rookies and their killer instinct attitudes. I don’t think enough credence is being given to the fact that these guys are going to be on enemy territory and scared SHITLESS! Is everyone really confident that Bryson is some sort of match play killer that isn’t going to have any problems pulling it back with the European chants running through his swing calculations?

I am not discounting that these guys have been consistent this year, but I haven’t seen anything from any of them that demonstrates some incredible killer instinct. I won’t defend Webb, but between Kuch and Bryson, I at least know Kuch likely won’t faint on the course.


Love Kuch. Underrated talent because he doesn’t bomb it, and I think his Ryder Cup singles record is misleading (he’s taken on Westwood, Poulter, and Kaymer. Granted, Poulter beat him to a pulp.)

But I think there’s something to the consensus observation that this generation comes onto the tour fearless and ready to win immediately, and there’s no real evidence that making a pick based on “experience” over a hot player/talent has worked out (See Furyk, Stricker, JB Holmes). If Wise is floating around T9-13, I’d hate to see him passed over for an “experience” pick.

CP’s should value: 1. Recent performance / hot hand 2. Talent 3. Experience 4. One of the guys. Probably in that order.


Just read through the last 900 posts in here. Jesus you’re all super boring. And you’re obsessed with stats, which admittedly is a very American hobby.

I just want to say one thing about the number crunching. All the data in the world means nothing against momentum and hunger. 2012 is the biggest example. There was no stat on God’s green Earth that said Europe would win going into Sunday. And yet they did. You can’t predict anything with numbers.

For the record, as a European I want Bubba playing because he amuses me with the crowd antics. I want Bryson playing because I can already think of 20 insulting things to shout at him while he looks at his algebra book. I want Cantlay because all that waggle / look routine betrays a deep rooted fear that he’s shit (we all know it), which will be exposed in Le National just like it was exposed at Memorial’s back 9. And I want Big Cat because it’s Tiger and one day he’ll be too old to play and we’ll all be sad (plus I think he’ll get there on merit).


And I want Lee Westwood to play all 12 spots


Westie was done by 2014. He shouldn’t even have been at Hazeltine. The only way you’ll see him at the Ryder Cup now is riding a cart with an earpiece in.

I’d say he’s a shoe in for Captain in 2020 / 2022 though.


Current US standings, week after Memorial:


  1. Reed
  2. Thomas
  3. DJ
  4. Spieth
  5. Koepka
  6. Fowler
  7. Bubba
  8. Bryson

Bubble: Phil (9), Webb (10), Kuch (11), Harman (12), Wise (13), Kisner (14), Xander (18), Cantlay (31), Tiger (34).

I know it’s still early and plenty of golf to be played but Bryson is starting to look more and more like a lock to make this team. Add in Tiger + Phil, and the captain’s picks will really only be used on two guys. I imagine it will depend greatly on who is the hottest hand come September.

Also, I’m officially starting the #PatrickCantplayRyderCup movement this year because of his inability to hit golf shots in a reasonable amount of time. Do. Not. Want.


I think they will for sure pick Phil, Tiger, Kuch, but the 4th one is up in the air. I agree the 4th one will be whoever is playing well the couple weeks before they make the last pick.


If Tiger doesn’t qualify on points ( and I don’t think he will) his role on the team is and should be as Assistant Captain. His comeback has been thrilling to watch, but he remains too inconsistent. If he gets picked, would Furyk sit him more than one session? Do people really believe he can consistently play 30+ holes of golf for two days at a high level? It’s awesome that he’s been healthy all year, and I pray it continues, but from an injury concern alone he’s a risky pick.