Your Ryder Cup - if Tourney starts next week


It’s not that I dislike Casey or that he doesn’t close tournaments (I was a huge fan I’m the mid 2000s and he doesn’t)

Paul Casey isn’t a European Tour player the same way the other guys are so when asked Ross Fisher (quietly a great world player) or Casey, I go with the guy repping the tour better. Especially in Europe. As Americans we forget what it means to the Euro fans to have a Ryder cup team rep their tour.


Thats a formidable euro team above, at least Phil knows how to grind Tyrell’s gears and cause him to go full tilt.


The Eurozone is going deep the next two weeks on the European Ryder Cup team. Stay tuned!


He must’ve heard you.


Reporting myself to @freezingcoldtakes


I like your style MGolf!