Your Ryder Cup - if Tourney starts next week


It’s not that I dislike Casey or that he doesn’t close tournaments (I was a huge fan I’m the mid 2000s and he doesn’t)

Paul Casey isn’t a European Tour player the same way the other guys are so when asked Ross Fisher (quietly a great world player) or Casey, I go with the guy repping the tour better. Especially in Europe. As Americans we forget what it means to the Euro fans to have a Ryder cup team rep their tour.


Thats a formidable euro team above, at least Phil knows how to grind Tyrell’s gears and cause him to go full tilt.


The Eurozone is going deep the next two weeks on the European Ryder Cup team. Stay tuned!


He must’ve heard you.


Reporting myself to @freezingcoldtakes


I like your style MGolf!


This past weekend really throws the race for the US team into some fun chaos. At this point, you have to think the only locks are: JT, DJ, Spieth, Reed, and Phil (whether he qualifies on points or not). Koepka and Big Cat will be there if health holds up, and both look great after Sawgrass. Rickie and Bubba certainly seem likely, but could be overtaken on points if they don’t play extremely well.

After that, your points list goes: Simpson, Kuch, Harman, Bryson, Kisner, Schauffele, Finau. Others could move up, of course, but hard to see taking any captain’s picks outside of that group (and Tiger, of course). Kuch will almost certainly get the veteran nod on current form, so who are your last 2? I think I go with Harman and Finau if picking today, but there is a whole summer of golf ahead.


Those bubble guys better hope that Furyk keeps his phone off the night before the final captain’s pick is due, cause you already know he’s getting an 11:30 pm phone call from a number with a Charlotte area code…


Current auto picks per the site

  1. Reed
  2. JT
  3. DJ
  4. Speith
  5. Bubba
  6. Rickie
  7. Koepka
  8. Phil

2018 Regular PGA Tour events

  • 1 point per $1,000 earned

Note: Beginning January 1, 2018, through the PGA Championship, August 12, 2018; includes the Zurich Classic of New Orleans team event and WGC events.

  • 2018 Opposite Field PGA TOUR events will NOT receive points.

2018 Major Championships

  • 2 points per $1,000 earned for the winner

  • 1.5 points per $1,000 earned for all others to make the cut at The Masters; U.S. Open; Open Championship; PGA Championship.

Note: The points system for the American team will conclude on August 12, 2018, following the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, with the top eight (8) players on the points list securing spots on the U.S. Team.

Captain’s Selections

  • The four (4) remaining slots on the U.S. Team will be Captain’s Selections. Three selections will be announced by Captain Jim Furyk following the Dell Technologies Championship scheduled to be completed on September 3, 2018, and the final selection will be announced after the BMW Championship, which is slated to be completed on September 9, 2018.


Koepka becomes a real wild card. His talent is undeniable but how much, and how well does he play before Paris. If he falls out of the Top 8, I doubt he’s on the team.


Koepka is lock for the team if he’s healthy and I don’t think it’s even a debate.

Like @mcriblet said, the top 10 is pretty much a given at this point unless something crazy happens (injury or huge decline in form); Reed, JT, DJ, Spieth, Phil, Tiger, Bubba, Koepka, Rickie, Kuch.

So for the remaining two slots, I would not complain about any combination of Xander, Kisner, Finau, Bryson.
My two would be Xander and Kisner.

Harman is fine but wouldn’t want him over those other four. I feel bad saying that because I like him just fine as a player. DO NOT WANT Webb Simpson anywhere near this team and will be frustrated if he makes it on points. Any other names I don’t care about at this point unless they really start to catch fire.


Then: Tiger - per Michael Collins, Tiger is the best player in the world when he’s giving 0 fx and when there’s no pressure. Per Tiger, he’s almost ready to win a tournament. Good enough for me. By Ryder Cup, he’ll have his killer instinct and his game back and in tune.

Then: Xander Schauffele. Guy is balling right now and has been since last year.

Then: Kuchar. This pick is for the locker room.

Then: Billy Horschel. It’s time to right the wrong of 2014.


This is so far out of left field. Were you torn between him and Ted Potter Jr.?


hot take: team USA should break up Spieth-Reed, put Spieth-Tiger & Reed-Cantlay together, with DJ-Phil & JT-Rickie as the other pairings

one of Cantlay, X-Man, Finau should be there tho


Given Simpson’s now #9 after the Players, and Billy’s ranked #19 (better than Simpson was when Watson picked him ahead of a FedEx Cup winner) and has played well in several tournaments, I’m sticking with it.


Dechambro could be a real wild card… he plays a ton of practice rounds with Tiger so Tiger must like him and he has quite a few good showings this year (5 top 10’s in good events) - already $2.5MM earned


Its interesting looking at how you earn points and who is more of a lock to be a captains pick regardless. The difference in some of the guys “ranked” in the teens will need to play more events and rack up money/points to snag a spot. The difference of playing 22 events vs 25 could leave you on Le Bench.

Interesting example I wish the broadcasts tracked more during the tourneys, especially as it relates to RC points. Speith will make it regardless, but based off making a quad on 18 - he lost $103,242 dropping to T41 vs T17. This is worth about 100 pts. Currently the gap between Phil (8th, last in on the rankings) and Webb Simpson (9th, first out) is 51 pts.


He didn’t leave off a FedEx Cup champion, Watson had to make his choices before Horschel went on his back-to-back streak. He was 35th in the standings at the time of the picks. It was just bad timing and the catalyst for why the last pick is made so late now.


Why should the US break up Spieth and Reed to go with something that is unproven?

Spieth & Reed are 4-1-2 together in the Ryder Cup, and 4-0-1 together at the Presidents Cup. I’m keeping them out there unless one of them is just playing awful golf.


I’d take Xander, Big Cat, Finau, and one of Bryson/Kisner/Berger/Cantlay/or Horschel. I think Big Cat is basically a automatic pick at this point as his play is trending fine. Xander and Tony also look good and would fit the younger team we should strive for. The last pick basically should be whoever would fit the team the best and has looked the most capable.