Your favorite sports teams as golf courses (going exactly as planned)

lol this is the most boston sports fan list


Yes sir! They’re all old teams with long histories and at least some stretch of dominance at the top of their sport.

Yes I did mean for it to come across as “My teams are better than yours” lol

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They are. Fact, not opinion!


By who?

Bill Belichick for one.


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Red Sox should be a Golden Age course that was god awful for like a full century before getting a restoration and getting back to the top.

Patriots should be a course that was well-respected for a long time, but became world class with new leadership/revision.

Celtics should be a historically-great course that still has flashes of greatness, but isn’t typically thought of in the top flight/people think is just one or two steps away from getting back.

Bruins is perfect. Love the Oakmont pick.

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The Yankees must be Augusta National. Widely respected for the long, successful history, but incredibly pretentious and starting to lose some of its luster.


I love this

There’s also something there with all the work done to ANGC and the new Yankee Stadium

They made renovations to try and get back to their former glory, but it was all smoke and mirrors.

Possibly the worst venue on Earth

Patriots are Augusta National, elite & have that aura about them, tend to fall on the right side of the political spectrum & own the land around them

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I have to drop out of this thread, the New England bias is raising my blood pressure. Cypress and Augusta for the Pats? No one cared about the Pats before 2001. Suffice it to say, those two courses have a bit more history.


“Losing some of their luster” by winning more games than any other team in the 10’s. The Sox have already begun their decent into disaster and Tom Brady is a broken down old man

Old Town Club? Top of the “Classics” list, now have proper investment and maintenance, have opened things up a bit and now compete proper

I mean, the Yankees sign superstar free agents to bigger and bigger contracts and have absolutely nothing to show for it. 2 World Series in the last 20 years? Yikes

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I forgot that total wins was how decades of dominance were remembered… no wait, that’s World Series titles


Okay but you have to admit that New Yankee Stadium is basically just a shopping mall that has a baseball diamond instead of a courtyard

Cole was our first superstar signing in almost a decade, all of those wins came out of the farm system