Your favorite sports teams as golf courses (going exactly as planned)

was briefly on the twitter when they announced the texas rangers golf course for a web tour event back over the summer & randomly started thinking of it again

San Francisco Giants (Torrey Pines South)-known name brand, has great views & a great piece of land/property but overall just kinda meh & super expensive for the quality

San Jose Sharks (?)-can’t think of a specific golf course but one that is consistently good & you always think “they should put a U.S. Open there” & the USGA strongly considers it but they never actually do

San Francisco 49ers (Riviera Country Club)-big name brand, west coast & well known with a great long history & elite

Golden State Warriors (Pine Valley Golf Club)-but if all the people who ran the golf course/maintanance crew either died, left or went on a year long sabbatical so no one is taking care of the course rn


Cincinnati Reds - TOC at St Andrews (the original)

Columbus Blue Jackets - Erin hills (kinda new, had one week in the spotlight - mostly no one cares)

Cincinnati Bengals - Phoenix Golf club (course in Columbus that was built on top of a waste dump and had to shut down because the grass didn’t grow)


Astros - Albany Golf Club, because cheating is just fine apparently
Rockets - Whistling Straits, it’s beautiful but will leave you disappointed in the performance at the end of the day
Texas Longhorns - Yale, fell off for a little bit and is on it’s way BACK


Liverpool Football Club - Augusta National, Once know as the greatest club course around, in recent years has fallen down its perch some, but still condsidered one of the GOATS. Ripe for a rebound to the top

UGA - East Lake, Really good course like really good, but just not great despite it wanting to be.

Atlanta United - Pacific Dunes, Incredible track that is new and praised

Atlanta Hawks- Pick any “good” Fazio. Has some highs has a lot of lows and criticisms

Atlanta Braves - Pinehurst no. 2, an exceptional historic course that fell on some rough times and bad decisions, before being rejuvianted in recent memory.

Atlanta Falcons - I have no clue, I can’t think of a course that almost became the greatest of all time, just to blow itself up.


Buffalo Sabres: Your local muni. The people who are there every day love it, but we all know it’s pretty shit

Buffalo Bills: Anyone know a course that was great in the early 90’s, but then it burned down and no one felt like rebuilding it (or even putting the fire out)?**

New York Yankees: Bethpage Black. The biggest and the burliest, but everyone will shit on you for liking it.

**but this is our year

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Minnesota sports teams in general: a golf course with a great first 17 holes and the worst possible finishing hole.


NY Mets: Local shit muni without sand in the bunkers and obvious disease on the greens

NY Jets: Same as above but without a range or putting green

NJ Devils: The Renaissance Club, North Berwick - Newish sports team (1982) with a proven record of excellence (work with me here) but never going to be in the big leagues because it lives in the shadow of a larger market

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Kind of a silly prompt here, trying to use both Boston teams and Boston-area courses…

Boston Red Sox: The Country Club. Storied history, eclectic course and stadium. Both were thought to be done and out of the spotlight for good in the 90’s before recent renovations/resurgence.

New England Patriots: Boston Golf Club. New kids on the block, BGC has collected accolades since the Patriots have started collecting Super Bowl trophies.

Boston Celtics: Myopia Hunt. 4 US Opens in the ealry 1900’s? 10 straight titles in the 50’s? Have been in and out of the spotlight since.

Boston Bruins: Essex County Club. At one time regarded as the hardest course in the area, just like the Bruins at one time were the baddest team in the league.


Seconding this, dissenting from the rest.

Houston Rockets- Tobacco Road. Some people think it’s gimmicky, but others think it’s historically great. If it had existed in a different era, it might be in the conversation for the GOAT. Some of the new greats are praised for their ability to imitate it.

Houston Astros- Oakland Hills. Anointed as the heir apparent before the rebuild was even complete. Might struggle to live up to historic expectations, but in all likelihood will be a lot of fun no matter what happens. Success or failure will no doubt be used as a metaphor for the struggling city it inhabits (whether it be a struggling economy or a struggling recovery).

Houston Texans- Memorial Park GC (Doak’s rebuild). Might be generic visually, but an underdog with an attitude and mountains of potential. Wasted its early years, but seemingly on track to be a mainstay now. Popular appeal backed by funding from deeeeeeeeep pockets.

Liverpool- Bethpage Black. Well-maintained, but not pretentious. Boisterous. Even in down years, a stiff challenge and an intimidating venue. Loyal to the people.

Detroit Red Wings- Congressional. Once historically great, currently in the midst of a painful rebuild that has hit several speedbumps and will probably take longer than expected.


LSU Football as Pinehurst No. 4 - Always solid, but after major modernization changes things are looking awesome going forward.


Miami Hurricanes = NGLA. Reserved, stately, blue-blooded iconic institution…(also the greatest that ever was or will be.)


So…The Quarry at Giants Ridge?:grimacing:

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I actually don’t mind 18. It’s definitely not as good as 16 of the holes before it. 17 is worse than 18 imo. But yeah I think that course would apply to a MN sports team. I’m trying to think of other courses that are incredible but have an awful finishing hole. Maybe Cypress?

Toronto Maple Leafs - Classic course, fallen on hard times, faded glory, but now a new hotshot architect is in to do a restoration and bring the club back to the founder’s vision. Open to suggestions.

Patriots: Cypress Point, Elite and classy. Regarded by many as the best of the best.
Red Sox: Pinehurst #2, An American classic getting better with age.
Celtics: Old Course, Old school classic with a long history of excellence
Bruins: Oakmont, one of the oldest tests around. Good luck getting out of there without a few bruises.


But people like Cypress. You need to figure out a great course that everyone hates except the members.


Interesting to put the Texans here and not the Astros given that the rebuild was financed by the owner. I like the analysis though!


The members don’t care what anyone thinks and don’t change for anyone. They just continue to be the best because that’s what they’re good at.

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Baltimore Ravens: Tobacco Road, well respected and a zig when everyone else zagged.

Baltimore Orioles: Forest Park, it’s seen better days but an interesting history

Washington Wizards: Innisbrook Copperhead. Was good (or at least considered good) in the 70s, still in the Big Leagues, but no one really cares anymore