Your favorite golf book about the Tour


The best golf movie thread got me thinking about the best golf books, but I’m interested to know what everyone’s favorite books about the Tour are. I generally like most everything Feinstein has done, including the new Ryder Cup book, but I think my favorite is “Bud, Sweat, and Tees” by Shipnuck.

I’m curious to hear what others think to find out if I’m missing out on any hidden gems.

Favorite Golf Books/Recommendations

Not necesserily hidden gems but throughily enjoyed these

The Green Road Home - Bamberger

The Swinger - Shipnuck/Bamberger


About to start ‘18 in America: A Young Golfer’s Epic Journey to Find the Essence of the Game’ by Dylan Dethier


Two Years in St. Andrews by George Pepper

You will be forever jealous.


The Bogey Man - George Plimpton (PGA Tour in the 60s)
Four Iron in the Soul - Lawrence Donegan (Euro Tour in the mid-90s when it was a traveling circus)
The Match - Mark Frost (The famous Cypress Point match Hogan and Nelson vs. Harvie Ward and Ken Venturi)

And of course anything Dan Jenkins. Dead Solid Perfect is fiction, but was basically a way for him to tell a lot of the stories without using the real names. Several collections available of his Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest work. Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate is my favorite.


I thought Slaying the Tiger was pretty good. It was really relevant a couple of years ago, but I thought it gave a great look into most of the younger guys on tour now, and even has a couple guys who were relevant just two years ago that you don’t hear much about now.


Love this thread. Echo many of the books mentioned and I’ll add ‘Men in Green’ by Bamberger. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Not 100% Tour-related but certainly touches on it.

I’m going to check out George Pepper’s book–thanks for the heads-up!

If you haven’t read Tom Coyne’s ‘A Course Called Ireland,’ I highly recommend it. He walks around Ireland playing golf and discussing the people, places and courses.


I thought Mark Frost’s “The Match” was outstanding. Many other really good suggestions above as well.


Being careful not to spoil, but the connection in “The Match” to the “Greatest Game Ever Played” is one of the great moments in American golf history.


Not sure if this qualifies as a book about the tour per se but if memory serves correct “Who’s Your Caddy?” by Rick Reilly was a really fun read.


Anything by Make Frost, but especially “The Match”. “The First Major” and “A Good Walk Spoiled” by Feinstein are also both good books as well.


“The Pro” by Butch Harmon about his dad, Claude, is a wonderful read. Can’t recommend it enough and I hate reading.


Agreed! One of my all-time favorite books.


I loved four iron in the soul. The opening part of the book explaining the difference between caddies and bag carriers is priceless.


Feinstein’s Q school was a page turner, albeit you knew how it was going to end


Open by Feinstein, all about the U.S Open coming to a public course for the first time at Bethpage. Might have some bias here being from Long Island.

Also going to have to give “The Match” a read after seeing everyone speaking so highly of it


Slaying the Tiger - great book about the tour a few years ago.

An American Caddie in St. Andrews - True story about Oliver Horwath taking a skip year before attending Harvard and going to caddie at St. Andrews.

Unplayable Lies - good short stories about the tour. It is a Dan Jenkins story.

Miracle on the 17th green - awesome James Patterson fictional golf novel. It is a quick read.

Miracle at Augusta - follow-up to Miracle on the 17th.

Freddie & Me - best golf book ever. Longtime story about an Augusta National Caddie. Truest AGC book with the secrets of the place including the graves of the members.

The First Major - John Fienstien behind the ropes at the 2016 Ryder Cup. Good read.

A golfer’s life - autobioraphy of palmer and his family.


A guy at work (not a particularly big golf fan, per se) has just read An American Caddie at St Andrews and said it was great. Will be on to that soon


Not about the big tour, but The Fine Green Line is about a guy who tried to play the mini-tours for a while. I thought it was really good and quite enlightening about 1) how good those guys are and 2) what it’s like in some places that we rarely see from the outside.

Generally, I like that kind of subject material better than stuff about the top names, but YMMV.


I liked a few of the books mentioned here. I flew through “A Good Walk Spoiled” by Feinstein even though it was a pretty long book. I also loved “War by the Shore” by Curt Sampson. It was a detailed look at the 1991 Ryder Cup. Golf Channel did a documentary based on the same Ryder Cup I believe.