Writer's Block Help - What would you want to read about golf in Korea?



Testing this out here in the Refuge. I’m having some pretty severe writer’s block trying to summarize my round at Whistling Rock in Korea. It’s a course that 99.9% of the people on this board are never going to have the opportunity to play, so it’s not going to read anything like a “How to plan” post.

The place has a vibe that is just so incredibly hard to describe in words. It’s one of the more spiritual experiences I’ve had on a golf course, and all of the amenities of the club are what sticks out the most. With that in mind, I’m very back and forth (and stuck between release patterns) on describing the individual holes, and just trying to stick with a general theme instead.

With all of that said, when reading about a golf course, what resonates with you? What makes you want to learn about a place? For me personally, even if it’s a place that I know will never play, I’m usually interested in learning about it. But it’s way easier to suck me in when there’s at least a tease or an understanding that it’s accessible.

So help me out here. What would you want to hear about a place like this?


Describe your day, expectations going in, what was different culturally about the game, try to stay chronological, etc.


I’d like to see the most dramatic pictures combined with the more nuanced stories. Something a bit more in depth about the members if possible or the club’s history and what went in to creating it or interesting facts about holes mixed with humorous quips.

I assume most of us don’t know much about Korea let alone about the Korean golf scene so any little insight could be interesting and then we can share it with our buddies later and sound cultured.


Anything about Korean golf culture would be interesting for me. It didn’t come up on your Australia podcast, but when I played Down Under, I found it surprising that everyone played Stableford and walked with a pull cart. I think stuff like that could be interesting to learn about.


Whenever I see something like this, I wonder about upkeep. It has to be outrageous to keep a course like this. Did you see anyone on the course working? I don’t even understand how something like this works logistically, though I know it’s unlikely you got a taste of that.

I do think it needs to be a balance of describing specific memorable holes and the overall vibe. I don’t want a hole by hole recap, but if you can take me to the most memorables that definitely supports the larger theme.


If I’m going to read about a golf course that chances are I won’t ever play, I want to hear about the culture of golf and the culture of the club, what the membership is like, and the how and why the course is designed the way it is.


As a golf course architecture nerd, I always like to see a deep dive into the design of at least one particularly good/representative hole, just to get a sense of the type and quality of the architect’s work on the site.


This is all really helpful (and appreciated!) My draft has pretty much all of these things in it, so this gives me a bit of confidence to keep moving forward with it. Thanks!


What I want to know about the travel stuff is what makes this place itself? Is the course amazing architecturally? Then tell me about the holes. The vibe? Just what is special


Good questions @Soly. I always struggle with this when doing course write ups on my blog. I tend to stick with how the day came together (if I can share), the experiences outside of golf, and for the course I stick to the pictures I took. I try to add anything I can on strategy or point out something not evident in the pics. Overall though your travel posts are solid so stick with what you’ve been doing.


I want to know why it was built - I’d also be interested in hearing an angle about how well some of the simulator golfers translate to a course like this, since sim golf is so popular and expensive in Korea, I know there are some golfers that have never set foot on an actual course - what’s it like for them and how did their game translate, etc.


Unique course/club details not found/seen anywhere before (i.e. the secret hooch hidden behind the rock wall on 13 tee, etc). Anecdotes regarding cross-culture interactions with staff/playing partners/anyone. Anything that makes the narrative richer than another story about a really nice course that’s in really great shape with really fast greens, and, oh wow, look at these beautiful nondescript photos. #Zzzzz


Echoing what others have said previously, by far my favourite parts of your travel stuff are when you talk about cultural differences e.g.

  • how the game is played differently (games, etiquette etc)
  • pre/post round
  • caddy interactions
    etc etc


Finally posted it. Thanks for the help guys.


It was a great post. Gave us the feel for the day. The pictures were awesome! Loved the metaphors.


Are there any decent muni options around Seoul for the average folks?

As someone who has had to deal with 40 min of traffic to go a few miles from Williamsburg to Dyker Beach, I can appreciate the struggles of an urban golfer.


My 1 regret while being stationed there for a year was not trying to play a couple courses outside of the base course. The base offered packages to the resorts on Cheju Island and a couple others. I was young, single and had the money but just never got around to it. Shame on me.