Would You Rather - Beauty or Gamer

Would you rather:

A) Have a beautiful textbook swing that impresses random onlookers (Adam Scott, Rory, etc.) but always be stuck in the 11-14 handicap range for whatever reason (poor putting, lack of distance, big right miss on the occasional hole)

B) Have a less than impressive LOOKING swing, but solid game play: 4-7 handicap range. Consistent contact and great short game making up for any of your “textbook” swing “flaws”.


My swing could look like Sir Charles Barkley’s if I played well.



C) My ugly swing that can get me to scratch.


slow mo proofs

please forgive the absolutely ugly lousiness of this monstrosity of a swing (currently 6.4 and not willing to pay for lessons.

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Hi, I’m @midwestgolfbum and I endorse this message. Even more so, because I live it.

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To me I wouldn’t care either way. 11-14 handicap is perfectly acceptable for how I like to play (no individual net tournaments), so if I had a great looking swing that felt good but had a few wayward shots that cost me. I’m ok with that. Honestly, that’s probably where I’m at now and I’m happy. I might not look like Adam Scott or Rory, but I have a nice looking swing but am in that handicap range. If my swing could look better, I’d be happy.

But on the flip side, if I was a low single digit handicap, I really wouldn’t care what my swing looked like if I knew it would hold up.

Depends how nice of swing? Give me a Freddie or Els swing and probably wouldn’t care what I shot


I’d like to push back on ONE thing, which is the idea that an 11-14 handicap is somehow a bad thing. That still makes you a better golfer than the vast majority of folks who get out there on any regular basis.

I know The Refuge leans hard towards better golfers who flirt with shooting par or at least breaking 80, but to some of us, both of these would reflect an improvement in our scores.

That said, I am increasingly getting to the age where I don’t care what people think, it’s about whether I’m doing what I can to get better - in anything. So it’s clearly B for me.

I wonder if the results would be different if the two choices were a gorgeous looking swing that yielded a 25-handicap, or a Barkley-esque swing that was 3-5 handicap.


Would I rather be a better golfer or not?

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If you’re talking about scores, done correctly, and kept to a proper HC, an 11-14 is a much better golfer than we give credit to. Breaking 90 consistently while playing under rules is something less than 10% of people who play golf are capable of doing imo.

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Yes, this is what I’m saying.

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I drive OB, 1 yipped short putt, and a flubbed chip is the difference between an 11 and 7.

The talent and swing are likely the same, but as HCs get lower, course management tends to play as much a factor as talent and form.

the sub 5’s with less than pretty swings I know are all excellent game managers and know how to get the most out of their game, as opposed to pressing hard all the time trying to go low.

I haven’t gave a damn what my swing looked like for the last 30’ish years, why would I start now?


I love those moments where I’m paired up with someone I don’t know or haven’t played much with, and I’m out there VERY aware of how I’m playing (if not always my exact score) and then suddenly I start thinking about this guy, and realize he’s been on almost every green in regulation, he’s putting his balls off, etc. Unless a guy hits a 300-yard drive, I’m usually not too focused or aware of their round, and then suddenly I realize this 65 year old just shot a 73 or so. A lot to learn from that, not that I actually do…


Making pars all day is rarely sexy indeed. Guys who push hard and play super aggressive are the ones usually getting attention, good and bad.

Weird flex, but ok

All my flexes are weird. I’m 5’10" 155


Definitely the gamer over beauty. I think having an Tiger Woods swing but incomprehensibly bad short game and putting would drive me to quit pretty quickly.

True - also meant to phrase the question that the full speed swing looks great to the naked eye, but still may struggle with some face issues that land you in hazards enough to be detrimental. Didn’t necessarily mean that your full swing produced a perfect result every time, just had no weird funky looking compensation hitches.