Worst Golf Holes


Inspired by the Target Golf thread, I thought I would start the thread full of the dumbest, most head-scratching, borderline offensive golf holes. I don’t mean greens that are baked out or scuffed up, or bunkers filled with kittie litter, or tee boxes with less grass than a Salt Lake City head shop. I mean the kind of sweet, sweet dopamine hit you can only get after getting woke and toke on some Fried Egg.

To kick things off, I will submit the 139-yard par-3 15th from Eagle Harbor Golf Club, an otherwise fun track located south of Jacksonville.

All forced carry over a giant swamp of six-foot-tall vegetation. My playing partner had to jump to see the flagstick from the tee box.

What do you guys have? Any courses repeat offenders?

Best Golf Holes
The Year of Architecture

Tomahawk Hills Golf Course, Shawnee, KS. Nicknamed ‘The Rock’ for it’s capital F-PHIRM conditions and the fact it goes up and down a miniature mountain. Both nines capped off with 200+ yard one-shots (9 on left, 18 on right) that, as the serpentine cart path suggests, drop over 100 feet to the putting surface.

Try clubbing that with a 20 mph downwind…


Gentz’s Homestead in Marquette, MI. Super cheap local muni.
There’s a par 4 that literally has a giant totem pole about 200 yards out from the tee in the middle of the fairway. Can’t go over the top with driver because you’ll likely hit it into the woods. Any shorter club you can’t cut because if it overcuts you’ll run through into the woods. Draw is the best play but you have to hit only like a 5 yard draw. Basically I just hit hybrid and HOPE it doesn’t hit the pole.

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Maybe the worst 18th hole of all time. Par 3, You tee off from the blue box, over a 10 foot tall chain link fence (Blue Line). The Green is blind, 120 yard shot, straight up hill, to a bunkerless green that slopes severely back to front. If your bladed wedge flies the fence, it can be stopped by the valet at the front of the clubhouse.


That is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen put on a golf hole.


It is honestly funny. It’s never some serious round when we play there, like we know what we’re getting. But that totem pole can go to sweet hell.


I wish I had a picture of the view from the tee, but this is the 386 yard 14th hole at Cobbs Glen Country Club in Anderson, SC. You can’t see much of anything from the tee as there’s a 30ish foot drop from the tee to that pond. Probably 230 yards or so from the back tee to reach that pond, but you can’t rip out driver and try to go left of it towards the green because those trees are impossible to carry, and even if the trees weren’t there, there would be no real reward on the other side of the pond for your heroics.

Assuming you hit the fairway and don’t get blocked out by any trees, which is easy to do since it’s a narrow fairway, I don’t believe you can’t see the surface of the green from the approach; just the upper half of the flag.


Hole 10 at Iron Horse in Ashland, NE

575 yard par 5 from the tips. Requires a 3 wood off the tee for most, followed by a 3 wood that cant reach the very elevated green on the 2nd shot. As you can see, water everywhere, youre free to bail out into the trees at any time.

I really like about 14 holes on this course, but theyve got a double dogleg par 5 that also sucks, and some forgettable par 3’s.


#14 at TPC Las Colinas (former home of the Byron Nelson). Plays right along the interstate and you have to look at the monstrosity that is the Irving Convention Center the whole time. They had to put the tee box in the fairway near the water and play at as a par 3 one year during the tournament because it was unplayable due to rain.


Speaking of double doglegs, this hole at a club in Wichita rattled me. The center line bunker off the tee starts at 240 yards out and finishes at 280 out. Over the bunker, you have 30ish yards downhill until it runs into a hazard - so driver really isnt even an option. In a horse race this year, we had 25 teams tee off this hole. Had at least half in the bunker. If you are in the bunker or right of it, requires a 200-240 yard layup, depending on pin location, to have access to the green. If you hit it 190 on the layup, you are in jail and cannot access the green from 110 yards out without hitting straight over a hazard and tall trees. Apparently a lot of good players in the area hate this hole.



This is the first hole where I’ve openly complained that the course architect of this hole was a colossal moron. 6th hole at The Hills Country Club in Austin, TX. Designed by that fuckface Jack Nicklaus.

400 yards, downhill the entire way. At around 225-240, at the end of the fairway, it drops straight down about 30 feet to the river and then the green sits about 15 feet above that. Anything short of the green can roll back down towards the river if the grass is short enough.

Now notice the fucking trees. Damn jungle on the left so you are dead. Houses and OB right but a touch more room. Around the green? Low shots coming in will hit them and reject them back towards the water. If you hit it modestly high, you can get over them because you are hitting from above. Now notice the trees at the end of the fairway. The aerial doesn’t do it justice as they are massive and overgrown. You essentially have to get it within a 15 yard wide window to have a shot into the green.

The only way to play this hole is to hit your tee shot within that narrow landing zone where you have to hit a 140+ carry thru the gap in the trees. You cannot hit the green unless you are within that window. OR you play even further back up the hill, hit a 200+ carry shot into the green.

I myself hit iron just right of the cart path but too close to the trees at the end so had to chip sideways to get an angle in.

Fuck you Nicklaus Design. Fuck you.


Heres the other hole at Iron Horse in Ashland, NE.

Its 255 to the end of the fairway from an elevated tee.

Then 230 to the end of the fairway again.

Unless you hit your driver a mile high, and 340 yards, you have no chance at reaching the elevated green in two. Its the epitome of boring, target golf. its not a hard hole, there is room. Its just, “keep it in the fairway, keep it in the fairway, chip shot”

I still play the course a couple times a year, because they do have some really good short par 4’s, and its in decent shape all the time for a decent price.


Treesdale Golf Club just north of Pittsburgh. Hole 8 Orchard course.
A real classic upscale Arnold Palmer Neighborhood/ Housing Development. They were even nice enough to build a golf course after the houses.

Par 5, You tee off on the opposite side of a road 100 feet above the severely downhill and right to left sloping fairway. You can’t hit a wood or it will go through the fairway and be out of play. They made the area in between the split fairway a steep hill to help flat out the useless dual fairways. After you lay up, the row of trees circled in red block your view of the fairway and green, which sit about 50 feet below the fairway from your tee shot. I think I hit, 5 iron, 6 iron, lob wedge last time I played it.

This whole property has stupid holes that are squeezed between hazards and houses.



Picture from the forward tee across the road


Thats all well and good, but to be sure its a Palmer course, there are at least 8 walks between holes of over 500 yards right?


This is awful. I know you said the split fairway is no longer there but how narrow are those landing zones? Is that cross bunker even an issue? If you play a forward tee, does the yardage turn it into a risk-reward 4?


You bet. They are also mostly uphill so that the tee shots can be played downhill since blind tee shots are bad


Thats good. We have to make sure everyone is in a cart, as Old Tom imagined it.


I always had fun playing these holes when I was young and didn’t know any better. I think I always just took two clubs off the yardage, but never played there that often.


It looks like the cross bunker is there to further punish bad golfers.