World Ranking Points...enough!

Look, I enjoy the pod but the endless sniping towards anything outside the PGA Tour is tedious. Does Solly really believe that the Las Vegas event was bigger than the BMW PGA Championship? If so…get a grip! I’m a Scot and so delighted that Laird won but frankly who cares about this kind of tournament on a dull desert course? Wentworth is a wonderful course, the PGA is a great tournament with a fantastic history, and watching Hatton, Fleetwood and, yes, Reed, was a delight. We all know his back story but at least he, unlike the majority of US pros it seems, has a passport and travels. No, they’d rather play a pitch and putt event in the sand and stuff their wallets with cash. Ok, so the COVID-19 situation did impact on last week’s event but American players could get off their backsides occasionally and travel further than Florida. I love watching the European tour but generally give the US version a miss. Partly due to the dire TV coverage of course.

Next time you get dull about World Ranking points then maybe think about the Ryder Cup…lower ranked Europeans, eh?

Hate to sound ‘pissed’ as I do enjoy listening. But there is life outside the US PGA tour.


Cheers to that…


Why is it so hard to accept the European Tour is a step below the PGA Tour?

Brooks galavanted around Europe for a few years before he could get onto the PGA Tour.

He didn’t aspire to become a European Tour player grinding his way on the Sanderson and Shriners.

The PGA Tour is the big show, so find a new angle.


I didn’t and would never suggest the European tour is bigger and better. Of course the PGA tour is where the best players want to be…but it does get a little boring hearing endless wining about World Golf Ranking points. That’s all. There is a big world outside the USA and some great players. Just remember that occasionally. And when we do get back to normal it’d be nice if American players travelled a little more…

That pretty much hit all of the points of the template butthurt European response! Finishing it off with a Ryder Cup non-sequitur really puts a bow on it.

No one ever bothers to argue that the points system isn’t messed up. Because it’s that obvious. If this system leaned the other way, Europeans would be up in arms about how favored the tour is with the best competition anywhere in the world. It’s ok just to accept that the European Tour is a tremendous beneficiary of the OWGR system, and not be butthurt when it gets mentioned.

And congrats to this week’s winner, who will get 24 (!!!) first place points for a field strength of 40.

5 top-100 players in the world in Scotland
56 top-100 players in the world in the desert. And you need to finish top-4 to get as many points as the winner in Scotland will get.

And it’s like this every week! And I’m the bad guy for pointing it out.


Ummm, is it really about “belief” when it is a fact?

392 > 258


I’m legitimately confused, is there another PGA tour not US Based? Or are you just being cheeky?Obviously excluding Latino America and Mackenzie.

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Soly, to be blunt I couldn’t give a damn about World Ranking Points. If it gets the top 50 (?) players into the big events then I guess it does a job. We’ll think it favours the US tour and you’ll disagree. As for this week’s event in Scotland well I suppose winning is what gets rewarded. Cut out the money and would you rather win in Scotland or hit the lower podium steps in the US? I’m just relieved the European Tour is somehow surviving in COVID-19 times. As for Shriners against BMW PGA then really it is no contest. And the number of points available is utterly unimportant. Which event would you rather have on your CV? And the ‘Ryder Cup non sequitur’…just try smiling. A little dig, a little joke and not a completely illogical follow on.

Must not like charity or the children. Really Kyle Porter/Memphis situation brewing.


Nothing to do with that. Just that history is kind of important in sport and the PGA Championship has been going for a while and has a great list of champions. Including Arnold Palmer. The Shriners and PGA Tour do a great job for charity and are to be congratulated. But as tournaments go…

I mean I think those competing want to beat the best in the world, so they would probably want to go wherever the talent is, i.e., the US PGA Tour…

From what I understand, this is the whole reason he gets mad about it. You get overinflated points in European Tour events and get random European players in WGC’s/Majors that don’t compete week in week out against better talent.


The rankings aren’t accurate. Their primary objective seems to be ensuring that the top players on a lesser tour are given opportunities to play their way into the biggest events and biggest tour. Those who rack up points in buh Euro Tour events aren’t top 50 players…but earn points like a top 50 player, which allows them a chance to get a promotion to the biggest tour. Think of the OWGR as a mechanism to allow a player to earn promotion to the biggest events.

The #1 spot in the OWGR is meaningless. It doesn’t say a damn thing we don’t already know from the eye test.

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Buddy, you started a thread about the world ranking points. I think you do care!!!


You literally started a thread about World Ranking points. So…

If this was actually happening, then no one would be complaining. Right now Euro Tour players get artificially higher rankings enabling them to get into those big tournaments in front of players who are better than them.

If you cut out money, would you rather work all day in an office or play golf all day? Kind of hard to take money out of the equation when you’re talking about their job.


You know, that one where they play the US PGA and the US Masters!


Its silly, I can see where you would maybe say US PGA even though Wentworth is called the BMW PGA, but this just seemed very dry, which of course is sick.
Also, don’t you disrespect the British Masters like that :rofl:

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That’s the point though, it’s not doing it’s job, because it’s artificially boosting players from the European and Asian Tours.

Because it doesn’t.

Again, this is not what the OWGR system is designed for. It should be a measurement of how you stack up against other top players in the world. And when events get artificially inflated despite decidedly not having the top players in the world, then that’s where you get inflated OWGR rankings.

As am I, but I’m still quite concerned about the future of the European Tour.

You are right, it’s no contest. The Shriners field blew away the BMW field.

The points is… what we’re talking about?

That’s… not the point in question?

It is completely illogical. Because no one (not one person) is saying that the top European players aren’t incredible at golf. It’s that the European Tour gives out world ranking points like the five o’clock free crack giveaway.




You need to get out more…