Workouts and Diets

So, some of us lift heavy things when not playing golf.

Here, we can talk about it.


I’ll go first. I’m old ( >50 years). I squat, deadlift, bench, and press 3-4x/week. For me, lifting is how I dig my heels in against aging. I won’t ever get swole, but I might live long enough to be a mean old man.

Who among us lifts? Why? How does it relate to your golf? Your life?


I’ve built a gym in my garage (deadlift platform & Rouge squat rack). Really fell in love with lifting while in college playing baseball. I vary in my splits but it’ll be 4-6 days a week depending on the program (which I typically make myself)

I focus on having a light day and a heavy day for most muscle groups. I’ve found for me that keeps my body functional and limber whilst also gaining strength.


Lifting was a big part of my life from my senior year of high school through college. I was dedicated in a big way. Was lifting more in the vein of body building. I’ve benched 300 pounds, but mostly focus on light weight and high quality reps (shout our Bryson).

I stopped completely the day I started working full time. It wasn’t long after that I gained a solid 10 pounds of mush. I then got injured Jan 1, 2016 that has had me unable to do anything in the way of lifting. 2 surgeries and 6 months of PT later, and we are finally back to lifting weights.

I got fucking sick and tired of feeling like crap in my clothes. Man boobs suck.

During a member guest this summer, I looked around and saw that every single guy at the event had a gut. They were seemingly totally OK with it - it was almost a laughing matter for some. But I’m not. I wanted to be fit and spry. I don’t wanna age faster then I already am. Hitting it 40 past all of em is nice too.

I’ve committed all my energy to lifting after the burner. I’m getting back to it and seeing results. It’s mostly food, but I’m getting stronger.

Personally, I’ve played my best golf when I’ve been strong. The stronger the better. I’ve not experienced the intersection of great fitness AND extreme focus on my golf game, but that is where I want to be.

I’m excited to compete again in golf. The plan is to enter some local Kansas City events next year to get back into the competitive scene. I’d love to commit a few years to it and maybe qualify for an event like the Kansas Am of the Mid-Am.

At the end of the day, I’m excited to have confidence again. Lifting makes me look better which makes me feel better. I want my fiancé to be stoked at who she marries this May. I want my future kids to be safe around me and have their dad around for a long time as well.

Sorry for the soap box, but this has been a big change in my life recently and I’m really excited about it. Not 1 thing about it has been a deterrent.


I lift. Mostly in the winter months. Spend too much time golfing when the weather is good.

Nothing specific. Not trying to get HUGE. Nice to be 47 and hitting as far or further than I did when I was 27. Core exercises for the win. (460cc drivers don’t hurt either)

I generally lift 2-3 days per week in the winter, and maybe once per week (if that) in the summer. I like, but don’t love lifting. I tend to get bored doing the same workouts week after week, so when things like bike rides, trail runs, climbing, and other outdoor activities are an option when the weather’s nice, lifting becomes way less frequent. Obviously actually playing golf cuts into gym time as well

I’m lucky to have a free gym membership at the Notre Dame rec centers, and while it does get busy with students at certain times, it’s easy enough to find times when it’s not too crowded. Summers and breaks are great since it’s usually dead no matter when I go. Generally, I’ll squat every trip to the gym and mix in deadlifts, cleans, lunges, and/or some other lower body lift as well. I don’t do a ton of upper body at the gym since I work my arms a bunch climbing, but will bench from time to time. Every trip gets finished off with some core work. The climbing and bouldering wall is downstairs from the gym, so most trips to lift usually come before or after a climbing session. Like others, I’m not trying to get really big, just build some functional strength and trim the fat. Hitting the ball a bit further is a nice side-effect.

I lift 2-3 times a week. Set up a little home gym that I am building on. Mostly do Olympic lifts, with the exception of anything overhead since my ceiling is too low.

I used to lift a shit ton in college. Could deadlift 395 which felt pretty good for a 175lb guy.


That’s a nice little home gym. I have mine scattered all over my house. Peloton in the library. Weights stretching stuff in another room and a treadmill in the laundry room. Wish I could get it all consolidated like that.

Noticed a big difference in both strength & mobility after doing a 12 week Fit For Golf course that involved progressing through lifting, and will probably do the course again at some stage. Have lower back & pelvic issues after an accident nearly 2 years ago (don’t sleepwalk off a balcony guise) and this guy is big on deadlifts for strengthening & stabilising that area. Probably played some of my best golf during & after that 12 week course, with increased ability to move but also less pain/stiffness afterwards being my two biggest takeaways.

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6 day a week guy here, first thing in the morning in the shed gym. Currently running Nsuns Deadlift program, while adding in regular yoga for flexibility. I can’t speak to how it affects my on course game, but from a mental health pov it’s integral.


I really got into a good lifting routine earlier in the year. Then that went to shit when I started traveling 3 weeks a month for 5 months straight. Travel slowed down so trying to ease back into it again.

I have been lifting since high school. Lifted in college as a baseball player. I wish I would’ve lifted then like I do now. I did a lot of body part split stuff.

Focus mainly on the big lifts. Throw in some vanity stuff (#curls). I’ve competed in 2 lifting competitions, each consisted of squat/overhead press/deadlift. Haven’t been lifting as heavy in the past year or so, but my PRs (April 2018 meet) are a 514 lb squat, 219 lb overhead press, and a 606 lb deadlift. I think my best bench is 325ish. That all was about 238 lbs. I’m sitting right around 220 right now and focused on losing weight for the time being. Still lifting heavy a few days a week and really treating right now as my in-season time for golf…


Good for you man! Going through the same thing right now. Got married at 185 in 2017 and hit 223 last year due to a little bout with depression. It sucked, and seeing myself in the mirror was terrible. I drank almost every night, not to the point that it was a problem but it was definitely not healthy. After I moved and stopped working from home, I’ve been able to get into a routine to get back down to a respectable 190. My routine:
Run to the gym from work (about a mile) and play pickup BB twice/week, lift twice/week and do yoga twice/week. I feel so much better.


So my dad is from Bastrop, LA and went to high school with Ronnie Coleman. My dad was a state champion powerlifter himself at 135 LBS and he was a senior when Ronnie was a freshman. He said Ronnie walked in the gym having never touched a weight in his life and was the strongest dude there IMMEDIATELY. He was repping 315 on bench.

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I am a 6/7 day a week guy here. 5’11 195.

I don’t crush the golf ball despite being the guy who dropped bombs in softball and my slap shot was nasty hot.

I have been specifically working harder on core strength, especially the twisting needed in a golf swing. Lots of stuff like DJ does and ish too.

I have found since I normally play in the afternoons, I play BETTER if I lift that day too. weird.

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