Woods, Els to captain Australia Presidents Cup


Well, my interest in the Presidents Cup just went way up.


Tiger being a player captain before Phil was not something I expected


It would be amazing if they both played, Ernie’s game seems a long way off but what if he could turn it around and make the team it would add a much needed spark to the event. 2 playing captains (even 1) would certainly differentiate from the Ryder Cup.


I was watching the press conference for a bit and I caught a reporter referring to them as “relatively contemporary players”

LOL. Surprised TW let that one slip by.

Naw, I think the team events should really showcase the best current generation of players. Even if TW is back, he’s from the last generation. The US field is so deep with good players, I don’t think he would add that much more. Els hasn’t been in contention in a long time.


I am surprised Tiger so early but shocked they didn’t go with someone from Australia - has Elk burned down too many bridges?


Glad to see Ernie and Tiger get the captains nod. That match in South Africa was awesome, so this will be the defacto continuation of the playoff.

Just for shits and giggles, it would be fun to forget the typical Presidents Cup set up - let Tiger and Ernie each choose 1 player, then have a massive wolf hammer match. Winning team takes home the cup and the cash. It would be the silly season on steroids.


I think Royal Melbourne will even it up a little…especially if there is a hot northerly blowing (like in 1998). Would be a great challenge to the young turks! Lots of local knowledge.