Wolfhammer App

Love the WOLFHAMMER game.

Thought: You guys, or some other NLU brainiac should investigate producing a WOLFHAMMER phone App. Would be cool have the game and all the nuance multipliers at the touch of a button. Roll in the tracking, sharing, and merch shop…opportunities!

Keep up the good work! Appreciate all that you guys do!

All the best!


cc: @Kelch

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I could see this having legs…

I’m very in on this. Not that I would be able to contribute a single thing… will def use it though.

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I would pay BIG money for this app so I do not have to explain the dots to the subs that ask what the dots are and how it works.

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I think you’d be better off lobbying an app like 18Birdies to add Wolf Hammer. They already offer score tracking for many other golf games.

Couldn’t you just save the list on your phone? If you need to constantly go back and look at the dot sheet, I think you need a piece of paper. I would think trying to read that on the phone would be a pain. And once you’re just counting dots, isn’t it just putting down numbers on a card? I’m all in on letting technology make life better, but I’m not sure if I see the value here.