Wolf Hammer For Dummies


if you drop at any point, you forfeit any and all hammer and take dots for the hole, in addition to the hole dot


If you left out the wolf aspect, could you structure it for 3 people? Question would really just be how the hammer/take points would work in a 3 person game.


That’s tough with the hammers, but I’m sure you could make it work. I think it would be easier to just do 3 man wolf or keep a rotating 2v1.


Can someone tell me how handicaps come into play with this? I saw in the NLU video Haas plays at a +6 and GH is given 16 strokes on him I just want to know how that comes into play in wolf hammer.


The way we play, ‘caps only affect Hole/Hammer/Take/Boomerang dots. So if GH is getting a stroke then he takes those when his NET score beats Haas’ gross. All the other Junk is still gross score par-dependent .


This is a fun game if you like spreadsheets and slowing down the entire course behind you.


This is how I do it. It probably does give a little advantage to good players because they are more likely to hit certain junk like wasabi but it’s not too bad. Most of my gang are within about 5ish strokes of each other. I think a 15 vs a 3 wouldn’t quite be fair.


I was playing solo this afternoon, but had a potential wolf hammer scenario pop up. @Soly, @Tron or anyone else, can you be taint eligible between two fairway bunkers or do they have to be greenside? I ended up missing the green with my approach, but got up and down for what would have been a taint(?), junkman, and poley.


Yes, that is indeed a taint.


It’s only a true taint when you can stand in the middle and touch both bunkers with rakes, correct? Or is there a variation?


Hey guys, a few questions:

If you make a creekie/star wars, do you also collect a dot for a junkman? Also, any hogans/junkmans up for grabs on Par 3s?


Yes, you can parlay dots. A creekie/star wars/sandy and a junkman can be made by the same person on one hole.

Par 3’s are not hogan/junkman eligible


Thanks @TC_Chen69. Any situations where the dot value would double/triple other than when going lone, or when changing the dot value on holes 16+?




So let’s say dots are valued at $1 - will that hold true until hole 17 when the person down the most gets to determine the dot value for that hole (I’d assume up to a pre-determined limit), or are presses allowed throughout that raise the value of dots?

We play Wolf pretty much exclusively and start at $1 points. However, we allow anyone that isn’t leading to press at any time. So we’re generally playing for about $10 points on 18. If we were to play WH it seems we’d have to ditch the presses, as $10 dots in WH could easily result in a guy losing a couple grand on a par 5 finishing hole?


Does anyone know why a wasabi is so named. Can’t find the link between that name and hitting it stiff.


Spicy goddamn shot


What i don’t quite get it is the Hammer throw, take, etc. The rest is just diferent dot types, bla bla bla.


Haha nice.


@Lazstradamus describes it best. It’s a ‘mid-hole’ press. You’re making a bet that your team is in better position to win the hole than the other team. Taking it accepts the challenge. The game isn’t much fun if you’re not throwing the hammer around…