Wolf Hammer For Dummies


Wrong. Winning the hole is just one dot (assuming there’s no hammers). It very rarely happens, but your team can have the lower score and still lose money that hole. That can really only happen if no hammers are thrown which defeats the purpose of the game. Dots aren’t solely decided by who scores the best that hole.


Man I just typed up the wolf hammer sacred tablet that was on the NLU post about it. After one round you’ll be fine.


Quick clarification for scoring. If I go blind lone wolf (4x), and I score 3 dots and the other 3 collectively only win 1, would I be +8 (2x4) or +24 (2x4 for every other player)? It would be +24, correct?


This is correct. Lone wolf always pays each player the net dot total, and always collects the net dot total from all three players.


I’m feeling better about this, thanks to @TC_Chen69 and @jnenn25. So the generalized order of operations for a lone wolf situation is to take the net dot total and multiply it by the appropriate hole multiplier (2/3/4). Then give that number to each of the three players, and triple that number to the wolf.


Does anyone have a situational explanation or a scenario breakdown for 4 players? If anyone has thought, “hey, I’m gonna create a fictional fourball breakdown of wolfhammer for one hole” and can post that, that’d be greaaaaaat.


I’ve not had a chance to play this as yet, how out of hand is it liable to get? Obviously, it’s relative to per dot valuation.


It’s really not that bad unless you do “big loser” with no max set. A couple rounds ago one dude lost big loser hole on both 16 and 17 which put him behind the eight ball quite a bit and he just kept basically doubling down and we found ourselves playing for $50 dots on 18. And we did $1 dots on front, $2 on back so it obviously escalated quick. I think we did $10 for 16 and $20 for 17.


my group of buddies has had a lot of fun with the game and nobody has really lost their ass too bad save for 1 or 2 severe instances. couple things i will say tho is a) it’s more fun when you play with a group of similar handicaps. its been alluded to in the past but getting dots for most of the “junk” requires par or better so if there’s a 7 playing with a group of three 12’s, even with giving strokes the 7 is naturally gonna make more pars and essentially junk the other people to death. and with that being said, b) the better the players, the better the game works. because again, better players will have a lot more opportunities at the junk dots than worse players. one final thing i’ll say about wolf hammer is almost everyone that has read the rules immediately is concerned that it’s too complicated. it may seem that way at first glance but it’s really not that difficult. if you keep score for 1 round, you’ll learn all the rules very quickly. also, @thefriedegg started a “game of the week” feature that i would recommend checking out if you’re looking to mix it up


2 questions:

Who pays who when the round is finished since there will be 4 different scores?

If player 1 and 2 are partners on a hole and player 1 gets a Wasabi, does player 2 also get a dot for this as well?


Teammates share the dots. So if player 1 gets a wasabi, so does player 2. Keep everything relative to zero and make sure the math works out. At the end, all four players will either be up a certain amount, or down a certain amount. Money goes into a pot and is paid out to the winners from there. Enjoy!


Thanks for clarifying questions 1. One more questions regarding pay outs.

Played yesterday and say dots were $1 each. Player #1 was +13, #2 was -1, #3 was -3 and #4 was -9. Does player #4 owe $9 to pot or $22? And since it’s zero sum, the positives and negative should always be equal right?


Right - everything (4 players +/- money) should balance out to zero. The way we play is player #4 pays his $9 to the pot and it is distributed from there. Makes everything easier if you think of payouts going to a bank/pot instead of worrying about who owes what person money. Hope that helps.

Player 1: +48
Player 2: +12
Player 3: - 24
Player 4: -36

Total Pot = $60. Player 1 takes his $48, Player 2 takes his $12


thanks for the pot concept, much easier, i always get messed up trying to figure out who pays who.


Does the hammer go into limbo at the beginning of every hole or does it stay in possession of the person who took the hammer until they then throw it?


goes into limbo. hammer is open for either team to throw at the beginning of each hole


Hammer is up for grabs at the beginning of every hole. Doesn’t roll over to the next hole. I’m borrowing this from someone who said this on the thread a few months ago and thought it summed it up perfectly, but imagine an actual hammer is just sitting on the tee box on every hole - whoever wants to throw it can take it. From there, it alternates through the end of the hole.


If the team that receiving the hammer doesn’t take it, does it still stay in limbo or with the other team?


If you don’t take the hammer you’re conceding the hole (junk still applies) at which point it wouldn’t really matter who could throw it next. It would reset on the next tee since the teams could be different.


I thought if you DROP, you’re only conceding the extra dot added for the HAMMER (of course if you DROP the likelihood is that you’ve chosen to do that bc you’re 100% going to lose the whole anyway).