Wishbone Brawl

Anyone else watching Linksoul’s Wishbone Brawl on Instagram Live?

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I wasn’t, then I read this and I did, and now I’m not because it was just someone talking to someone who didn’t seem to want to be on camera.

What’s the deal there? Actual golf happening?

Unfortunately I had to stop watching shortly after I posted this. (Dad life took over for a bit) So I’m not sure what it was like this year. Last year it was a their social media director basically following the match around with her phone. It’s complete low budget and raw. But last year you got to see pretty much every shot and every putt. So you could follow along with the match pretty well. Plus she walked around with the players, so it was cool to hear the trash talking and interviews of Xander, Mike Weir, and Charley Hoffman in between shots. Honestly, I found last year to be more interesting than more interesting than most of the major network coverage.

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Quite the finish, apparently.


Wow. I heard Ogilvy had an ace, but I didn’t realize it was a walk-off ace during a playoff. That had to be an incredible feeling.


Doesn’t seem to be embedding right but if you click through, another view of the ace and celebrations


Holy. Shit.

One more view.


Damn son haha


What that guy said

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Looks like such a cool event. And ogilvy is a legend!

Ogilvy is a mixed bag for me… Love some of the thoughts and ideas I’ve seen come out of him recently about design and how the game should be improved/played, and like his style usually, but as a player one viewing experience left me with a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

During the 2011 BMW Championship at Cog Hill, I was following him and Keegan Bradley around on Saturday with my younger brother and Geoff started birdie bogie bogie, so he was a bit hot under the collar as he gets to 4. He hits his drive in the fairway and then, I can only assume, slightly mishits his approach and has an absolute conniption the second it leaves the face. I am talking multiple full bore hacks at the fairway with his club and screaming. I’ve never seen anything like it, especially from a pro in the middle of an event. He took at least a 1 yd by one yard piece of sod out just laying there mangled after he was done. Continues throwing a fit the whole way up the fairway, which is a bit uphill and you can’t really see the surface of the green until you get pretty close. The weirdest thing is the ball was about 15 feet from the hole with a decent look at bird, which he nearly made. I’m guessing he thought he hit it a bit thin and it went over the back.

If I wasn’t there watching the ball and just saw him and his reaction, I would have thought he had completely shanked it or done something really terrible, but I was watching the flight and the ball was going right at the flag the whole time. It didn’t check and stay in the proper quadrant/level, but it wasn’t an impossible spot or anything. Even if it had gone just over there, it’s not a terrible place to try to get up and down. It was bonkers and had him riled the whole rest of the front 9 and threw Keegan off a bit too. He ended up making 2 bogies in the next 3 holes and not making birdie on one of the courses easier par 5s. The group was very uncomfortable after the outburst and it was just a very bad look with some little kids watching and such.

the ending of this was Litsville, USA

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He seems like an intense guy for sure, especially on the course. Fortunately his playing career is about over now so we can enjoy his wisdom and accent when it comes to golf architecture, etc.