Winter Kill Greens


Is anyone else putting on spotty greens this time of year? Our greens in Columbia SC are looking pretty rough. Do they typically come back after some warm nights?


Tis the time of the year for transition. Depends on a lot of things also, how healthy were the greens going into the winter, did they over seed the greens, did the course get a ton of traffic on the greens this winter? We had a pretty cold winter this year and until night temps start consistently hitting upper 50’s to low 60’s and the ground temps get up a little it can take time for the bermuda to wake up from it’s dormant winter. Looks like it’s starting to warm up a bit so should start getting some better growth in them now.


Actually came across this link the other day: Winter Kill in the Carolinas

Every course I’ve been on in the last couple of months in the Columbia area had some kill on their greens. Also, the storms a couple weeks ago did some damage to places like Golden Hills and Lexington CC.

Where are you seeing it in the area?


Columbia Country Club, supposedly not as bad though as most places


Pretty interesting article and I love that they interviewed a turfgrass pathologist. I never knew those existed.