Winter is coming! A problem with off season motivation.

Hey guys, I need a little help brainstorming this problem I keep facing.

Living in Norway we are now on the second half of the season, and I’m preparing to face what must seem like blasphemy for most.

In the summer months I play quite a lot, like usually play 3 nights a week with an additional 2 range/short game sessions and have gone from a 17 to a 13 hcp this year.

But when October rolls around I just lose enthusiasm and motivation for golf. We have a good practice facility that allows for year round practice included a new simulator for when there’s snow on the ground.

The winter months would be perfect for working on my swing issues but golf just drifts from my mind, leaving the winter and often a portion of the spring unproductive.

Im going to Scotland in late April so hoping to escape the winter golf blues this year.

Anyone else found the same issue and a solution? Or am I the only one this fucked up?

Move to somewhere you can play year-round, that is what I did


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be a sicko and embrace playing in the cold

think of all the sweet cold weather golf apparel you can buy

Edit Wait, Norway? That might be too cold


Its mostly playable down south where I live, we usually have 3-4 weeks if snow in February. Rain gear and cold weather apparel game is strong :muscle:

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NY guy here. My formula for winter golf is typically: No Snow + Winds<10-15 + Temps>35 + Bourbon (x2)= Go Time


If it is 38 deg and sunny with minimal wind I will play. I also plan one trip a year to warm weather in the Jan-Mar timeframe.


That first swing on a warm weather trip after playing bundled up for months might be the best feeling in golf


I’m pretty much, “if the course is open”

I probably get A LOT more golf done in the winter, since I hate crowds lol


Make a goal. Something measurable that will take practice over the winter to accomplish. Write it down.

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Love winter golf with a dead quiet, open course.

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Yeah I figure Ive just gotta schedule range and simulator sessions, and travel to Spain in February so the stretch won’t be too long.

Ive also restocked the bookshelf with golf books (not instructionals) and hoping that will carry me through :slight_smile:

Near Kristiansand?

I live in Helsinki and our courses are closed for 5 months in winter…

Yeah, like 40km further south, so the last 5 years there has been 2 winters where there wasn’t snow so the course never closed. The problem for me though is less practical and more mental.

Question: how cold is too cold?

I’m thinking of taking a day off this week to get out for maybe the last time. Highs of 3 (Celsius so 37F) with lows of -3 (so 26F). Not sure it’s doable…

treat it like “firm and fast” practice for scotland

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Biggest issue will likely be due to frost delays, if its that cold at night the course might not unthaw even if air temp is above freezing.

The courses might be able to give you some gauge by checking to see what they’ve had for frost delays recently if the weather has been relatively the same?

As long as the ground isn’t frozen solid you could play in those temps. Not the most enjoyable, but doable.

A few years ago when the polar vortex settled in and froze the ground in the PacNW, needed to bring a drill to put tees in the ground.

played with a woman last february (25F) who brought a hand-drill to put tees in the ground

edit: pretty sure she shot like 4 over from the mens tees

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After seeing a playing partner hurt his wrist trying to stab one into the ground, I recommend the drill.

The key is matching the right bit so the tee can be seated firmly and at a good height.

Get a rubber winter tee. Or just 3w off the deck.