Wild World of Golf


I got up out of my chair when I saw @soly’s swing on the first tee. Was surprised to see at the 8:24 mark he’s 20 yards behind the “big boys.” Not exactly keeping up, but I like his action.

Frankly, I’m pissed that I stayed up late and binge watched then got to work and now I’m binge posting.

Dammit, Karen. These are the only work hours we had!


Soly is a player, for sure

But it has to be noted… the front heel lift on his backswing? Interesting…

Thank god there isn’t a message board out there breaking down my action


Brandel approved move. Also, some guy named Jack Nicklaus did the same thing.


Definitely an old school move


I just tried it. Has it’s merits for sure.
Hank tho…Damn.


Soly is a Columbus guy. All of us from Columbus lift our left heels as Jack did.


Underrated feature of Bullhammer = the bull being able to choose the tees. Definitely implementing this into my next game of wolf.


Why was the course setup with multiple flags at each hole? Was that a request? Or was that something they do anyways?


i think they said the front was closed for some reason so they did that for the day.


It was mentioned in the chat last night that the front was closed. My guess is if you were to play 18 you would go around twice, once at each flag.


Haha same. I was watching last night completely befuddled at points as to how they were accumulating some of those dots


Thx for the breakdown…I’ve never played Wolf Hammer with my buddies so I need to study up and bring it to them some day.


I know it’s been said a bunch, but I really enjoyed the faux serious announcer schtick mixed with casual cussing and dragging of their buddies by @djpie and @Randy. It was a great bit that had me laughing over and over. Kudos to @soly and @Tron for putting themselves and their game out there like that in the name of good content, and the pros had the perfect competitive but fun attitude. It was a lot of fun to watch.


i had zero interest in the match, but this was appointment viewing last night.

i skimmed through the whole thread but might have missed it…looked like a Modelo especial can Mr Dennis was enjoying.

i was seriously impressed with the LOE on the production and editing. i put headphones in while the wife/kids watched cartoons before bed and my wife got annoyed at my excessive giggling.

fantastic entertainment, I actually went back and rewatched the first half of S2 Tourist Sauce after this was over. I just filled a cart with a new batch of merch hoping to keep you guys from having to sell out too much. :crown:


Dennis starting right off the bat with a “Hello fffffrr… people…” got an audible giggle out of me


I loved the man in the booth saying things like, “Yeah, that was a shitty effort from Curtis on that one”. Those really made me laugh. During the “broadcast” you sort of forgot it was an NLU production at moments, and it would surprise me into a laugh when Dennis would just throw out “Absolute shit shot right there” lol


Just your typical NLU bump…




is he wearing a “rashie”?


Hank already won $74, that was his bump