Wild World of Golf


This might be the pinnacle of the #content game. 1/16 at 8 PM. Cue Bart Scott. #cantwait


feel like Randy is going to really shine in this




I didn’t realize this is going to be an hour long but I hope it’s truly one hour and not broken down into 20/30 minute videos that are released on different weeks.


My question who is playing the role of Jack Whitaker? DJ?


This is truly the Big Randy coming out party. Here’s how I see this series:

Most of the time when we film something, it feels dumb. Then it gets edited, and we look back and it, and we’re at least moderately proud of it.

This was hilarious at the time of filming, which has almost literally never happened. I’ve never been more excited for something that we’ve done, and I’m not concerned about overhyping it.


All part of the hype machine for the live viewing and release in prime time, 8pm EST. Genius transparent marketing.

That said, very much looking forward to it.


With how awesome Strapped was, for you to say this is the big guy’s coming out party…I’m pretty excited.


Rewatched the Strapped episodes last night. Then I got to thinking how the TS season ends and WWOG premieres this week. The NLU guys are DOING. IT. No one is making content like this and these guys are consistently putting out well produced content that speaks to tens of thousands of people, soon to be in the hundreds.

Not that they need any more praise making their heads any bigger, but ku-fucking-dos and keep up the good work. I’m enjoying the hell out of it.


I’m “staying late” at work just so I don’t get caught in traffic and miss the premiere. Positively JACKED.


@Soly when is the live preshow that was talked about on the pod?


yeah that’s not happening


Nervous beers?


Well that was outrageous fun. So many laughs, nervous moments, exciting shots and dot swings. Can’t wait until this happens again. Thanks Hank and Curtis. You’re legends.

Randy - we’ve found his true calling.
Dennis - who knew.

NLU’s WWOG Bull Hammer
Capital One’s The Match



Neil is Brian Doyle-Murray.

That was good stuff.


Comments like that extinguish any shred of doubt that comes up from time to time. Appreciate that!


“Trust Fund Tron” and Big Randy getting deep in the Bumble game had me dying.


Not gonna lie, I tuned in for the Randy, but stayed for the Dennis.


Great first edition to WWG. Feel like I need to watch this again to reabsorb some of the great subtle heat thrown around.

Hats off fellas #content


Loved Big Randy on the Hot Mic within hearing distance of all the players really adding to the atmosphere.

Can’t wait to see the future of Wild world of Golf with Shot Tracers and swing analysis mid round on the bad shots.

Keep up the good work boys!!