Whose Career Would You Choose? (PGA, but no longer just PGA)

This is meant to be a poll of whose career you would rather have? I’ll set up one poll, and please add discussions if needed. Folks can enter their own player showdowns. Let’s keep this just to pro golfers. Absolutely fine to have someone who is mostly a Euro Tour player vs a PGA pro, but add context if needs be.

First up, Rickie Fowler vs Keegan Bradley.

The details:
Rickie Fowler has 5 PGA victories, 3 on the European Tour, as well as “other” victory (Hero World Challenge). Notably, he has won ZERO majors, and earned over $38,000,000 in career earnings. While his career began in 2008, he really became a full-time player in 2010 on tour.

Keegan Bradley has 4 PGA victories, zero European Tour wins, 7 “other” victories (five of which are the “CVS Health Charity Classic”), 1 major (2011 PGA Championship) and over $25,000,000 in career earnings.

This comes down to how much you value winning a major, but feel free to add more color to the discussion.

  • Rickie Fowler
  • Keegan Bradley

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I went Rickie. If Keegan’s major was one of the other 3 I would have voted Keegan.


Id prefer to be able to hit the ball when i want, not after i took 6 steps and spun the club 8 times

Also if keegans major is any of the other 3 it changes things IMO


That’s a solid distinction, it’s clearly the 4th of 4 majors in terms of importance.


If you choose Keegan Bradley than Foreplay is your favorite pod and you probably have iron covers.


Good question.
A major is a major. Keegan has a one up on Rickie.


Rickie. He’s been more consistent, has been on a winning Ryder Cup team, and when it comes down to it, if you asked me if I’d rather have a major or 13 million bucks, I’d probably take the cash.

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Money isn’t everything and their career earnings are beyond plenty… but Rickie’s net worth has to be like 20x Keegan’s.

Best player to never win a major is a better distinction than the list of 1 time winners who were flukes - Todd Hamilton, etc.

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Fred Couples - one major, two THE PLAYERS, beloved everywhere, prime of his career cut short

Mark O’Meara - long career, 5 wins at Pebble, two majors in a blistering 1998, I’d argue largely forgotten by those not around to see his apex.

  • Couples
  • MOM

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Keegan all day every day. A Major is everything once you’ve already won 3 or 4 times. No noticeable difference in their net worth (Assumes $200m vs $75m in earnings). Keegan is also just about where I’d like to be as far as straddling the line of receiving the benefits of being a celebrity vs feeling like it’s a burden. And that might be even more so considering the crowd Rickie moves in.

But golf wise, it’s Keegan no brainer. Any major or even USGA title has to be immensely satisfying for a hyper competitive world class athlete.


  • Luke Donald
  • Ian Poulter

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Luke: 17 professional wins - 5 PGA Tour, 7 Euro Tour, 5 “other”. Won the WGC match play, as well as the WGC-World Cup, a team event with Paul Casey. 5/5 in Ryder Cups, 4 as a player, 1 as vice captain. +54M earnings on both tours.

Ian: 17 professional wins - 3 PGA Tour, 12 Euro Tour, 2 "other. 2 WGCs - Match Play and HSBC. 5/6 in Ryder Cups. +43M in earnings.

Has poulter ever been in top 10 owgr? Versus donald who was 1

Edit looks like he has been 5th

I’d take Poulter. If careers are going to be roughly similar, I think I’d take the Ryder cup hero rep.


Poulter is a Ryder Cup legend though. I feel like that overrides being a world number one in a tiger free landscape.


This, 100%. Make a ton of money, have the major, and retire to relative obscurity outside of golf if you choose.

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Charles Howell III is my answer to all of these things


I still think Rickie gets one though, thats why i pick Rickie.

I love Freddy’s swing but don’t love the back issues. And two majors hard to pass up.


Notwithstanding sponsor dollars:

1 1 Tiger Woods $120,660,780
2 2 Phil Mickelson $91,299,439
3 3 Jim Furyk $71,234,957
4 4 Vijay Singh $71,216,128
5 5 Dustin Johnson $62,285,783
6 6 Adam Scott $55,257,262
7 7 Justin Rose $53,585,559
8 8 Rory McIlroy $52,552,481
9 9 Matt Kuchar $51,192,773
10 10 Sergio Garcia $50,100,465
11 11 Ernie Els $49,320,727
12 12 Jason Day $46,412,806
13 13 Zach Johnson $45,442,313
14 14 Davis Love III $44,928,979
15 15 Bubba Watson $44,882,257
16 16 Steve Stricker $44,137,959
17 17 David Toms $41,901,709
18 18 Jordan Spieth $40,790,716
19 19 Charles Howell III $39,703,411

I thought it would be closer, and that more folks would take Keegan based on the rationale you cite. Right now, it’s overwhelming a vote for Mr. Activation.