Whoop Band | NLU Group Code: COMM-43CE09

One suggesting that’s come from Whoop support is to plug into a PC USB port and see if th battery comes back to life.

Otherwise probably just need a new battery.

I could not charge mine with anything but my wifes macbook charger at one point but after plugging it into that worked fine with all charges again

Mine randomly died when it had a full battery, I had to let it sit for a couple of days and then charge the battery pack with the whoop connected to it. Worked twice in about 4 months and I’m worried a replacement unit will have more issues.

After 2 years and 4 months, COVID got to me.


Anyone notice their WHOOP is holding charge less and less? I’m down to having to charge mine every 3-3.5 days now.


was just thinking the same thing this am. feels like im charging mine all the time


Every 3-4 weeks I seem to need to reboot the device. Obviously, its not effective long term, but it does help.

From the app → the bars on the bottom right → Device Settings → Advanced → Reboot Device

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Charged mine Monday morning and I’m at 45%, so looking at another charge probably tomorrow afternoon? Maybe Friday? Battery life has not been great with 4.0


Very very bad battery life.

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Will give this a try! Anything helps at this point.

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I tried this along with a few other things with no success. Whoop just sent me a whole new device after explaining the situation.

I’ve only had my whoop for about 3 months too.

Gone about a fairly normal day and whoop still has me at 0.0.