Who Wants to be a Millionaire: @Bamabearcat on Dec 5th, Noon EST

it made me laugh pretty hard.

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Tyrrell Hatton has entered the chat

Putting is a social construct


I hate even roll putters. 19

I guarantee this gets shut down at 10070 posts. @Lazstradamus @anon26814599 @jimithng23 @Christian


GIR is cancelled in favor of GIRF

@LJP likes my ER5 a lot. May have cured his putter woes. (But not his shopping problem.)

Numbers are usually wrong


I’m just gonna just in front of this one for you.

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Find me a putter he doesn’t like a lot

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Society is a social construct

Social constructs are social constructs


Death. Taxes. Putter Woes. But I do like the ER5 quite a bit. I don’t intend on playing with anything else any time soon.

Everyone go sign up for Secret Santa.


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I love how we’re defiling a once holy thread.

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I never pick up, just was told I could never put more than a double into GHIN. So I never have. Now I’m a 10, but probably not actually. Oh well. I’d rather people wonder how the fuck I’m a 10 than how a 20-25 just shot 34 on the front with 8 GIR.

For example.

i like this place and you people a lot


Huh? When you reach your ESC limit, you SHOULD pick up unless you are playing in a stroke play competition (or match play where your opponent may not have you beat). The spirit of the game is no slow play.

how could the Refuge have it any other way though?

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Final answer.


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