Who Else Collects Golf Memorabilia?

I have always been into collecting various golf memorabilia from growing up in Dublin Ohio getting autographs at the Memorial growing up to going full blown crazy buying various things off Ebay, greenjactketauctions, and other outlets…a few of my favorites:

-1987 Ryder cup flag signed by Tony Jacklin and Jack
-1987 Ryder cup Euro players gift to the captain (etched sterling silver picture frame of the team with their signatures etched in and score at the top

(i went to the 1987 Ryder cup as a 7 year old so have a special golf woody for that event)

-4 of 5 signed flags from Lefty’s major wins…only need 2010 Masters to complete the set

-2004 Ryder cup player used umbrella (long story…got that one recently for free)

I have some others but those are my favs…what about you guys…?


I would happily geek out on memorabilia but I’ve so far managed to stay away from that rabbit hole.

I do have plans to one day secure myself a boys den in my house and intend to fill it with golf crap…

On a side note, all the pomp and circumstance around the giving of official gifts at things like the Ryder Cup and 31 years later that supposedly cherished gift now belongs to you! We’re a fickle bunch, us humans. :joy:

That is some great stuff lonestar.

I collect flags from majors I attend and high-end courses I play. Need to get that Oak Hill PGA flag signed by Duff Daddy someday.

As a kid I went to a Fuzzy Zoeller clinic and got an old SI signed, that and $5 will get me a sandwich, but a nice memory nonetheless. I also have kept 2 SI’s in mint condition I badly want signed - the one from Freddy’s Masters and Daly’s PGA. Hope to knock that out at the Senior PGA this year.

I would love to start collecting Masters champ signed pin flags.

Final thing, I bought a TM’16 USA driver head this summer, have been unable to find a good shaft for it, a DJ signature on that would be a cool piece I guess.

Ha yeah looks like Tony Jacklin may have needed some money. There has been a ton of really cool stuff from him on greenjacketauctions.com the past 2-3 auctions. Amazing to think how far the RC has come since 1987 too that a sterling silver picture frame was the gift to the captain from the players…I can only imagine what its like now…Rolex? Custom golf cart…hours on a Jet Card? who knows.


When I was 10, I wrote to several golf companies asking if they would sponsor me around the junior circuit, not realizing that that would have totally ruined my amateur status, along with the fact that it was a totally absurd idea to sponsor a 10 year old. But hey, I was bold. Cleveland was nice enough to send back a signed picture of Byron Nelson.

When I was young, I caddied at Bellerive in St. Louis. In 2009, I believe, they had the Sr. PGA. I got a flag signed by a ton of players and not it’s in a shadow box with my old caddie bib. Pretty special piece for me.


I keep the ticket of every significant tournament I go to and hang it up on my wall. When I play a Top 100 course or one that cracks my personal Top 10, I keep the scorecard and hang it up in the same spot.

I’ve got this throwback sign in my bedroom that I’ve always thought is pretty cool that I’d like to think might be worth some money one day.


I’ve got is a picture my parents gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s by a guy named Thomas Barbey who creates a lot of mind-blowing Photoshop items like this. It’s my personal favorite work of his for obvious reasons.

From a sentimental perspective, the favorite items I have are the stuff I kept when I worked at Augusta National during the 2017 Masters. I kept my nametags, the Arnie’s Army nametag they gave out to patrons during that first round, and a note from one of the tournament chairmen who thanked all the employees for their work during that week. I’m at an airport right now, but when I’m home I can share a picture (privately) for anyone who might be interested in seeing them.


As a well-seasoned veteran of the volunteer tent (specifically the scoring tent), I have collected my fair share of autographs (golfballs, gloves, etc) from walking with players. Eventually, I’ll be turning my collection into a shadow-box bar setup in my future basement.

Here’s a haul I’m currently displaying in my cube.
Left to right: KJ Choi, John Huh, Jonathan Vegas, Scott Brown, Glove is Bowditch


I collect pin flags from notable courses I play, along with a logo ball and pencil (ball and pencil from every single course I play). Have a few of the flags framed along with display cases for the balls and pencils. Have gotten into other memorabilia lightly, but would like to do more. Green Jacket Auctions does have some sweet stuff in their quarterly auctions. They have one going right now.

I like the idea of collecting signed merch and putting it up on my walls but I have a weird thing where I don’t like to buy anything signed, I want to get it myself. Problem there is I’m a grown a$$ man and hanging around pre or post round begging for a sig seems more like the corner best reserved for cute little kids.

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New courses played in 2019


Anyone have go to frames for your Pin Flags? The custom ones have cost an arm and a leg

I have all 5 of Leftys major pins signed and want to get them up in the office.

Whoa. The part I’m struggling with is that every flag I’ve bought is just a little off in dimensions. For variety of sizes, try a JoAnn or something like that, they have a custom section as well, but correct, it’s a fortune.

Go to Michaels when they have a 40-50% off sale. Can frame and mat flags for under $40


This is my favorite piece I’ve ever been given. It’s framed and hung up now. Signed by the whole US team including Tiger. This one’s special to me because it was given to me by Kessler, Patrick Reed’s caddy, for Christmas in 2016.


Bobby Jones autograph made out to my great grandfather. Also OB Keeler who I believe coined the term “Grand Slam”.


I get a hat ball marker from every course that I play. I used to collect balls and pencils but couldn’t figure out what to do with them. So, I bought a large magnet sheet on Amazon and put it into an old picture frame in reverse. The ball markers just stick to it. I can grab one and use it if I want to, or shuffle them around if necessary.


IKEA has a 20” by 16” black frame for around $12 which I have used to frame my flags. Leaves a little room for backing to show. Nothing spectacular but I figure the frame shouldn’t be the focus anyway


Good thing he didn’t take a swing at you! I kid (sort of) but that flag is dope and Reeds performance at Hazeltine makes that fact even cooler.

There’s a separate thread for this where I posted an almost identical photo. I now have two, one for local courses and one for destination trips since I was getting full up with them combined.

Ha! If he was going to do that, it would’ve happened well before now. We’ve been friends since Kindergarten. I’m actually playing golf with him when he gets back from Hawaii so hopefully nothing else happens over the next couple of weeks.

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Wait, what?

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