Who do you want designing your course and where you building it?


Let’s pretend that you have the money to build your own course…heck maybe some of you do!

My question is: Who are you choosing to design the course and where are you building it?

Explain why…


Hire Mike Keiser to figure it all out for me.


I’ve actually thought about this before, west of Longview AB which would be about 45 minutes or so south west of Calgary in south Kananaskis, right in the foothills of the rockies. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4029/4485924696_17b89eff00_b.jpg

I’d want to take lead on the design myself, but I’d probably grab Riley Johns to help out cause he’s a local guy and the work they did at winter park 9 looked awesome.

Probably run into some issues with rocky soil but if moneys no problem that can be worked around


I can’t imagine anything topping Cabot. Maritime hospitality, world class golf, great beer (Big Spruce). So, the courses are built, I just need to move there…if only I had the $$


Money no object? Colt and Old Tom working together for the first time. All the money would be spent on getting them there…


somewhere in the Bay Area probably I want my course to be year round & I’d like input on the design but Alistair MacKenzie is the main designer


Huge fan of Coore & Crenshaw - they would be my pick. I’m also a sucker for coastal courses, so would want it on the water. Love links golf, so perhaps UK. Really, @SirPatrick_1 nailed it. Just hire Keiser, he seems to know what the hell he’s doing…


If I could build a golf course anywhere designed by anyone it would be a Seth Raynor design in central Oklahoma on the current sight of Lincoln Park Golf Course. Not kidding. All my Oklahomies stand up, please. I’ve played nearly every “good” architectural course in Oklahoma (Southern Hills, Dornick Hills, Oak Tree National, Twin Hills, Oakwood) and Lincoln Park, with Perry Maxwell greens, remains in my top 3. With a little TLC, Lincoln could become a course people would travel miles for, and nothing would make my homer heart happier.


I second BigCatBack on the thoughts of Lincoln. Exceptional layout that needs some touch-ups with a little bit of more money. Create a championship 36 holes, and it would be the central golfing attraction in OK.


I would like a somewhat year round location (not Florida). Maybe the coast of NC or Hilton Head. I love C&C courses, but they have enough work. I would hire Michael Riley who renovated Rivermont Golf Club among other work. His greens are outstanding.


Tommy Raynor. Clear out space in Downtown Miami. Perfect combo of designer and location IMO


As a kid, I had family back in a small town in Nebraska. The town had a funky little 9-hole course. Many of the small towns throughout the midwest do. This one had a nice creek running through and some really good holes. Not well maintained or though out, but potential. Always thought it would be fun to take some of the good holes there and buy additional land around there, especially along the creek and turn it into a really strong 18 holes.

I love the work of Gil Hanse that I’ve seen, so he’d be an interesting pick.


Without question Donald Ross. I play in Columbus Ohio and have never played a course of his I did not like, greens tend to have multiple tiers and are very challenging all around.


I want the land right next to Cape Kidnappers in Hawke’s Bay, NZ. And I’m giving the contract to Pete Dye Golf with one simple instruction: do your evilest.


zombie C.B. Macdonald and zombie Seth Raynor to rebuild the original Lido.

I’ll be down the road this summer in Point Lookout, so I’d be able to take a bicycle there

Current situation. Robert Trent Jones “replica” to the East of the original


There’s a large site just outside of Greenville, SC that was once a REALLY weird golf course that understandably failed. Part of it was business model, but part of it was a completely ridiculous design that nobody wanted to play.

Honest to God? I’d bring Michael Clayton and Geoff Ogilvy’s squad to assess and create nine great golf holes, a nine-hole par three, and a killer practice facility. Greenville needs affordable, accessible, flexible, fun golf. It can be done on this site.

Course Architecture Frustration and Discussion

MacDonald/Raynor (past) or Gil Hanse (present) near Breezy Point, NY.