Which PGA Tour player looks like they're swinging hardest?


This isn’t who does swing the hardest. Just who appears to be swinging hardest, whether their clubhead speed is actually that fast. The anti-Finau.

My first thought is a guy who both swings hard and looks like he’s swinging hard: JT.



The King himself


Patrick Reed


Jason Day. It has always amazes me how he can control distances with his irons because even on half shots he looks like he is fully torqued.


I think the question was hardest swing, not most beautiful work of art swing.


Well he’s one of the worst iron players on your in terms of proximity to the hole.


Rory with driver - put it in my veins.




I would concur with JT


J Day looks like he is going to break his back every swing.


He also seemingly does…


Toss up between Ernie and Fred Couples. Not sure why those two can’t just get a nice, easy tempo.


Not sure what I was thinking when the answer has always been obvious:


True. But it takes him 120 seconds to hit the damn thing.


JDay seems totally incapable of hitting a half shot. Everything appears to be at 95% - 100%.


Nobody saying Bubba? Every drive his feet are sliding around stepping out of the swing.


Even though it’s a very short swing, Rahm looks like he fully unloads on it. JDay might be the winner though


That was one I thought of, but only his lower body seems to be out of control. His arms and upper body seem pretty fluid a lot of the time.


The fact that JT can swing so goddamn hard and absolutely dime out all of his clubs is the epitome of just how good pros are


Lexi Thompson and Brooke Henderson probably rate a mention in here. Maybe Alex Levy too.