Which current player would you want to listen to most as a golf analyst?


Whose take do you want? What insight are you looking for? Most entertaining to listen to? Who will call out #toursauce, course setup, etc.? Phil, Big Cat, Bryson (because air density)…


I actually thought Sam Saunders was great during Bay Hill. I feel like I’ve heard Rickie in the booth a few times as well and he’s been fantastic from what I remember.

Guys like Phil, Tiger, and Bryson would make things too technical for the common fan. Feel like that wouldn’t be overly enjoyable to listen to for most people.


Geoff Ogilvy, Paul Casey (he seems more on course reporter to me) Sam Saunders to name a few


Mickelson would be great in a few years. Spieth would be a great commentator one day when he is finished playing. He is articulate, and I imagine will have gone through a ton of different situations in Sundays as a player. Think like an even more credible azinger.


I think Kuchar is a dark horse here. He gets a bad wrap for being Mr Nice Guy and sort of a dork but, by all accounts, he’s hysterical and apparently is a great story teller. Could be a great on course commentator.

On the other end of the spectrum, DJ. He should never be a talking head.


My one concern with Phil is that he’d follow Faldo’s lead and never shut up and we’d get tired of him. But it’ll be fun to listen to his live reactions when someone he has money on puts it in a hazard.


Geoff Ogilvy for sure. Guy has a really cool outlook on golf and course design.


I would like to hear Rory, not afraid to say it like it is, be controversial, etc


The Irish accent seems to allow people to say whatever they want while still sounding friendly. I think we should take advantage of that feature. Have to think older players at this point so maybe G-Mac? Harrington is a little too leprachaun-ish. Clarke seems pretty good. Rory would be good but he’s too young and seems like he’ll get out of golf and own a soccer team by the time he’s in his 40s.

Kuchar is a good call though. He also has that same Irish ability to zing people while maintaining a nice tone of voice.


Rickie was really good at Bay Hill. Phil is an easy one and it’s easy to see why he’s been mentioned. I think Tiger would be pretty good too, I just don’t see him having much interest in it.


Whenever Tiger has gotten in the booth at his events, especially during his injury breaks, I think he has been really good and would love to see him do that. Can’t see that ever happening though, but I can hope.


+1 on DJ. Although, it’s not that he isn’t smart, just maybe not the most articulate. Danielle Kang told a story on the pod about he gave her his yardage book for an LPGA event (don’t remember off top of head) and it was completely blank. But when she called him, he was able to go over every single hole from memory. He knows his stuff.


I would like a show that is just Tiger Woods describing golf shots


Spoiled for choice on this topic as there are many guys who are both articulate and entertaining.

My choice would be Kisner, I’ve heard him on several different podcasts and he is straight up hilarious.


Poulter is going to be Chamblee 2.0 when his career is over.

I like Furyk a lot. He was good on NLU, and in his interviews he’s always really candid, but not too wordy.


Any show with Poulter on would be one I would not watch.


Very late to this thread. What if … What If … WHAT IF … Tiger takes to the booth in retirement and goes full Johnny Miller?

“I remember when the US Open was an 18 hole playoff and I won it on a broken leg”

“Looks like Rickie is having trouble activating his glutes.”

“Did you know that after I won the Master’s by 12 strokes they had to lengthen the course? Called it Tiger proofing I believe. LOL”

“The UK British Open presented by Her Majesty The Queen at Royal Liverpool. Hmmm. If memory serves, the last time I won here I only pulled driver once. Mainly played the stinger 2 iron. Not that hard a shot actually.”

I am deeply in love with this idea.


I don’t remember which tournament, but they had him in a little box talking through replays. I would watch that as a show.

edit: Heh, didn’t even remember that I mentioned this before


I think Darren Clarke is very good on the occasions I’ve seen him on Sky Sports and the Match. I’d imagine we will see more of him now he is age 50 and I’d imagine won’t play much of a European Tour schedule.


Bryson would be painful.

Leish would be great.