Where's my fellow South-paws: LH club exchange!

Also, I think we should teach kids to play golf with their DOMINANT hand as the lead arm. Don’t care left or righty…just have dominant in the front. That is the rudder of the ship.

I think the real “differnet golfers” are the ones who are left handed but play righty or right handed but play lefty.

If you are left hadned and play lefty…your feels are the same as all the other normal righties out there.

come at me.

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Living the lefty lyfe up here in Boston.


I usually reply - ‘technically I am standing on the right side of the ball’ whereas they are standing on the left side of the ball.

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welcome to the tinderbox @anker0071

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Roll Call: North Carolina (Charlotte Golf & Brewery Meetup 3/14/20 @ Sifford Muni)

FYI since youre in CLT…

Anyone else feel an almost genetic connection to lefty PGA players, phil, bubba, lebioda, etc just because they are lefty.

Of course we never admit our shallow reasoning publicly…but its true right. Y’all root for them waaay harder than you should too right? or is it just me


Checking in from TX

Golf and bat left
write and throw right


Fellow lefty checking in. I do everything right handed, but swing left handed.


My dad taught me how to play. He’s ambidextrous and carries lefty and righty clubs in the same bag. Driver is lefty, irons are righty, wedges are mixed, putts righty. What a weirdo.


So nice to be in the company of guise that substitute left for right, or right for left, when watching instructional videos.

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I do everything lefty. Grew up in a house of 3 lefties and a righty, so never needed to adapt really when we were the majority.

It’s been rare, but I have had an all lefty golf group before.



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Same here. Batted lefty and play golf lefty but throw/write/do everything else righty

Agree with @gatorz7888, always felt natural with golf to have my dominant hand be the lead arm


It makes so much sense. Righty guys have it all backwards.

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Crazy story, back in the day I was working for a guy that was pretty high up on the advisory staff of TM. When the R9 first came out everything on the sleeve was directional based for the settings (right, left, etc) I asked my boss if it was the opposite or same for lefties, we got two different answers from two people high up at TM. Fast forward to the the R9 supertri, and sure enough they started making RH and LH adapters for shafts. Coincidence?


image https://media2.giphy.com/media/b6CYj49qUsadi/giphy.gif?cid=19f5b51ae8414bd1c653ba58eed3271c8a34b55db1c73ed4&rid=giphy.gif


BTW I am totally down to a lefty traveling golf club to go around to us all on the refuge.

I’m thinking either a persimmon driver or the Hammer.


thank you for your service. Not all heroes wear capes. I loved the R9.