Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?


Cantigny, Village Links of Glen Ellyn, Preserve at Oak Meadows, Prairie Landing are solid west suburb courses, depending on where you’ll be.


Prairie Landing looks nice, gonna give it a go. Thanks


Heading out to Mt Prospect real early this weekend, seeing posts regarding carts, is it walker friendly? And I’m leaving my shirt at home.

City note: Glad they’ve been working on Marovitz, Black bunkers, however, it seems they’ve been using playground sand lately to fill. Nothing but fried eggs and heavy saves.


It is walker friendly but the carts actually helped a lot for my first time.


Went to White Pines looking for a cheap round in the burbs. No course for that price/quality needs to be that difficult. I couldn’t wrap my head around going from a few basic park style holes to a 190 hard par 3 over trouble with trees covering half your tee shot. Was also surprised how shitty the range was given they are the winter dome go to.

Meanwhile, Cantigny continues to just be a delightful experience. This time of year you can get a late tee time for >$80 and finish with plenty of light out.


+1 for Cantigny. Love that place.


That par 3 at White Pines is so brutal, especially for a fader like myself.


Glad you knew what I was referencing with the tree on the left. Both over water are pretty rough too.


I work in the AON center and was thinking today about how there used to be a course in River east/Maggie Daily park. I for the life of me cant find but more than a couple photos of it. Knowing how commercialized and redone this area is, isn’t it insane that there was a course right here?



I will be there the 24th. We are probably gonna hit up Cog Hill no. 4 and Glen Club. Is that a good itinerary? It will be a quick work trip so not much time.


Crazy. Thanks for sharing. Do you know how long it lasted.

I used to work in the Aon Center too. Over on the NW side of the loop now.


I work right across the river from that spot. They took it away in 2005 or potentially in early 2006.


Haven’t been able to find much about it. Assuming the real estate value and desire for a big public park was too great to keep it as a golf course?


Played Blackstone Sunday. Best greens I have played this year. Really enjoy the course. Side note, they sent a 5 some off first on a Sunday. I really couldn’t get that mad though, they played in 3:15.


Called IL Center GC, think it was there for about 10 years. I’d sell my soul for that now that I’m working in the loop…


Heck, I’d settle for a grass range.


Found a rare off-day last Saturday, and wanted to venture out and play one of the “big” courses in the area.
My options were narrowed down to 36 at Harborside, or 36 at Cog Hill. Given that the cost for both were about the same, I went with the more “known” venue and booked tee times at Cog Hill’s 2 & 4 courses.

For $200, you can play Courses 2 & 4 with a cart, hit all the range balls you want, and get a $10 voucher (typically used for lunch after the first 18). Teed off on Ravines at 10:10am with a threesome, and finished around 2:45pm. Fun course with lots of gradual elevation change and respectably large greens.

And then there was Dubsdread…

Knowing what the pros have all said about the green complexes, I can say they’re all right. With the exception of the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 17th, and 18th holes, every approach is blind. You will not see the ball finish on a green if you’re playing from 200 yards out, or 50 yards out. You will also find yourself in a bunker at SOME point in the round…so be ready for that

Complaints aside, the experience at Dubsdread is outstanding. It’s a real test of golf, and you can most certainly tell that the Jemseks hired Rees Jones to try and make it a US Open venue. Greens were not super quick, but they rolled true. By itself, it’s a little on the pricey side…but bundling it with a trip around the Ravines course made for a great day of golf :slight_smile:

(more photos on my instagram TCRBrad)


Blackstone is my favorite course to play in Illinois. I’ve been trying to get @thefriedegg to go there for awhile.


I played Harborside this week. Honestly I used to love that place, but man they have let that tall stuff get virtually unplayable. It was so penal I had a few balls one hop in and had zero chance of finding them. You can tell it really is slowing down play too, on a weekday afternoon we were backed up 3 deep on the back 9. Also is possible to do TOO good of a bunker restoration? It feels like you go up to your ankles in sand because there is zero moisture and its just a giant puff when you swing.

Maybe I’ve been listening to too many NLU and TFE podcasts, but its just not as appealing to me as it used to be?


I’ve swung in the opposite way re: harborside. I used to dislike the place and thought it was way overpriced, but this season it is my favorite place to play. My first time out they hadn’t cut the tall grass at all and it was beautiful in the wind, makes me wish they never cut it. With the exception of a couple holes, the width is generous and the tall stuff doesn’t come into play too often. But yeah, it’s pretty much dead in that grass and it’s a legit pace of play killer. Bunker re-do is thumbs up. Only public spot near the city w/ a decent practice area, good twilight rate, easy to get there, some memorable holes, good finishing stretches on both courses.