Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?


These are awesome. Will you be updating #12 for Ravisloe to reflect the par 5 yardage? Want to purchase, but willing to wait if you’re updating!


These are really nice, clean. Best of luck! It might be the fact that I have 4 young children, but I picture your big brim logo yellow.


These are sick. I’ll definitely be purchasing Mt Prospect, as I get out there a bunch.


Curious George fan, @LordByron?


I’m on the northwest side of the city and there are two courses which come to mind that work for me. These courses work because they are very affordable and also allow for some fun challenges.
The first is Billy Caldwell, which is a Chicago park district course. The 3rd and 6th holes define no laying up: 293 and 317 from the tips and straight. With the 6th there is a carry over water and the hole is on top of a steep hill: a great moral victory if you make the carry.

The other course, which I prefer because it has a great clubhouse, is Tam O’Shanter in Niles. Long ago it hosted the Western Open as well as PGA tourneys in the 50’s, 1st hole is still the original layout. The course was remodeled in the fall, interested to see how it plays this spring.

With both of these courses it is possible to walk on or get a tee time relatively easy, even on weekends. Pace of play may be slightly slower due to the fact that they are public park district courses, but the people I’ve met on the course have all been incredibly friendly and the rangers aren’t dillweeds


Mt Prospect is up on the site - https://bigbrim.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/mt-prospect-golf-club/ - haven’t made them into books yet though.

Shoutout to the strong finishing stretch. The second shot into 17 in particular is a beast.


I don’t know what their plan is for the hole, but I’ll happily speculate. I think putting a tee box about 80 yards further back would make for a nicely short but difficult par 5. Widen the landing area in the fairway to the left and angle the tee box that way. The further left your tee shot the harder it is to go for the green in two because of the orientation of the green and the bunkers front left.


I just hate that the fairway bunker becomes almost useless in this scenario.


Agreed, I don’t like it either. That bunker is critical to the hole as it plays now and I can’t think of a par 5 scenario where it’s in play at all.


Would prefer to push it back 40-60 yards to put the bunker more in play for long hitters. More of a risk/reward.


That looks phenomenal. Let me know when you get that up in your shop and I’ll be buying two (one for myself, one as a gift for a friend).


Just curious if anyone from Illinois area has played Canyata in Marshall? I worked in Illinois for awhile and heard it was immaculate. I know it only gets a couple hundred rounds per season but that’s about all I know.


(in his best Patrick Kane voice) CHI-CA-GOOOOOO

Originally from Northwest burbs, now in the greater Glendale Heights area.
Have to give some love to the Cary courses (Cary CC, Foxford Hills, Chalet Hills), as well as Prairie Isle up in Crystal Lake. With family up that way, I’m typically playing up there.

Finally played Bowes Creek for the first time the last week of November, and was pleasantly surprised. Their “member for a day” rate is a steal if you’re planning on playing more than one round.


NW side of Chicago resident here. I’ve been trying to get @thefriedegg to do a review and check out Blackstone GC in Marengo. It’s definitely worth the trip. A hidden gem that’s never crowded with some of the best greens I’ve putted on. Besides Blackstone I enjoyed Ruffled Feathers, ThunderHawk, Highlands of Elgin, and Mt. Prospect. Although it’s not the nicest course, I usually play Highland Woods since it’s close and cheap $ wise. Really want to try Catigny and Ravisloe this summer though.


TopGolf has made numerous offers to buy Diversey and they won’t budge. A TopGolf in that location would be just printing money. Too bad Diversey won’t just give up and sell it.


They would make a killing. That being said, it is nice to have just a regular driving range there. I’d imagine the Lincoln Park/Wrigleyville bro scene would descend on a Top Golf location right there and make it insufferable for anyone else.


Agreed. If it was a TG, yeah, it’d bring in a haul, but I wouldn’t frequent and it would be so pricey. If they could just put a little in to Diversey for the colder months, I’m sure they’ve studied this, but it would probably at least break even.


Recently checked out the White Pines dome out in the burbs. Pretty fun setup and repreive from the cold.


Got out for my first full 18 of the year today at Harborside. First time playing Starboard (have played Port several times) and the conditions were great for this time of year. Actually think I preferred this 18 to the Port.


Looks like it’s gonna be nice tomorrow, where y’all playing?