Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?


Did they address the underpass in the new routing? Wasn’t that a major hang up?


Still 2 tunnels from what I could tell.


Got the rota set up for this coming year. Made these yardage books to help myself cope with the off season :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds like a lot of Ravisloe fans on here, good to hear


Forgot about Onwentsia, played a Jr Am qualifier there. That is a fun track. Canal Shores is cool, I played it years ago when it was kinda trash but still a lot of fun. I’ve been meaning to go back also since all the work they’re putting into it.


Are you willing to share these?


Just moved from Chicagoland to Iowa, but if you haven’t played Prairie Landing out in West Chicago then you’re missing out. I stumbled across it with a friend and it is a magnificent public course and a hidden gem for the western suburbs.


Planning to, ya. Probably will do a few other courses before winter is over too.


Can we talk about how they’re planning to build a 654 yard par 5 to finish that will play directly into the predominant wind? Talk about a lackluster finish if the 80% of the time it’s going to play into the wind and not render any eagle opportunities.


Between PL, Highlands of Elgin and Bowes…its a strong Triad in that area. Prairie Landing is my least favorite. (might be due to the fact I have the fewest plays on it) I do think the recent changes (bunker removal) improved it greatly.


The have done quite a bit of work there. I was surprised to find a public course of that caliber available for the price. Most of them in the area are either significantly more expensive or of much poorer quality. I’ll have to play the other courses you mentioned next time I’m backZ


Definitely interested in a couple of these, they look great. What do you use to make your books?


This is awesome. Four regulars in The National rota. (Labor Day Friday golf gathering my dad and uncles put together). Add me to the list of the interested


I make them with a cad program and satellite photos. I tend to use yardage books only at the tee box so you can see these are designed with that in mind.


Incidentally, good candidate for best 3 hole stretch in Chicagoland public golf right there, 10th to 12th at Ravisloe. Not super excited that they’re renovating 12 into a par 5 this year.


Lot of talk about George Dunne. Sorry, it will always be Forest Preserve National to me.


Besides that tree the blocks the fairway on I think 3, the course is spectacular.


From Wheaton originally, live in the city now.

Probably say my top 5 to play (considering price, distance from city, quality, etc.) would be Mt Prospect, Pine Meadows, Prairie Landing, Village Links of Glen Ellyn and Highlands of Elgin. Ravisloe would probably be #6 for me. Not sure why I don’t like it as much as many, but maybe it’s the routing on the front (back-to-back 5s, followed by 3-4-3-3)?

The few I need to get out to for the first time this year are Shepard’s Crook and Stonewall Orchard. I need to get back to Mistwood and Bowes Creek this summer too.


Only heard good things about Onwentsia. Looking to get out there this fall


Cereal? They clearing trees?


Here’s the announcement from the course, no details beyond this that I’ve seen.