Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?


Thanks for the advice and comments guys.

I looked at Thunderhawk and that looks nice. There will be two of us from the UK so if we could arrange a mini meet that would be great.

Looking at the average temperature it should be ok. I play throughout the winter in the UK so don’t mind the cold.


Just re-read your comment and I would definitely plan for Harborside if you are looking for an Uber-able distance from downtown.


You don’t think Tiger, Kaiser and Rolfing will have the South Side course buttoned up by then? :joy::roll_eyes:


Marovitz has been really good recently and they were recently (late last summer/fall) working on a bunker project, seeming to be removing a handful. The course has been in improving shape since Billy Casper Golf took over management of the CPD courses. Pace of play is still a major, major issue, though. The course still has such a tremendous amount of potential if they would put some money into a little bit more of a renovation. An incredible environment for golf, really unlike anything anywhere.


Just had a look at Harborside. Looks nice. That could be the one. Can you hire clubs from here?


What are the Chicago NLU’er’s thoughts on Canal Shores in Evanston (a/k/a Peter Jans)? One early morning last summer, I switched it up and played Canal Shores instead of Marovitz. I thought it was pretty cool. Definitely a small venue in nearly every category (i.e., width, length, green size, etc.), but it was interesting to play a course that meandered back and forth over the canal and through the historic neighborhood. A few of the holes that played over the water were fun and fit the eye nicely. Any Canal Shores fans out there (or haters)?


Big fan of ThunderHawk. For being only $50 dollars, I was really impressed by Pine Meadow, a really solid layout. Also, The Glen Club is very expensive but was in the best condition I’ve ever seen.


@PuttForShow You definitely can rent clubs there. I imagine they are pretty decent as well because the facilities are quite nice.


Logan Square golfer here. A couple courses south/southwest of the city I really enjoy playing are Lost Marsh, Bolingbrook CC, George Dunne, Big Run, and obviously Ravisloe & Harborside as mentioned many times by others. On the north side two fun ones are Mt. Prospect & Glenview Park. Thoughts from any chicagoans on these courses?


Out in Geneva.

Ravisloe is fantastic. I could play it everyday and not be bored. Shepherd’s Crook is also very solid. I have not played these courses but I have heard great things about Lost Marsh, Mt. Prospect and George Dunne. Once the Preserve at Oak Meadows grows in fully, that will be a really fun course to play as well. Thunderhawk is also up there as well. I have heard Big Run is fun too. Really want to get out to Canal Shores. Follow Jason Way on twitter/instagram. Always posting updates/progress on Canal Shores.

If you are willing to drive a few hours, I grew up in Oregon, IL and my home course was Silver Ridge GC. Lots of elevation change. The greens are always in great shape. They are a little slow but always roll pretty true. Right around $30. Praire View is also down the road in Byron and it is a great park district course.

Has anyone played The Bourne GC in Marseilles? I have heard it is very different but I have seen some good reviews that it is worth your time to play once.



I played George Dunne two years ago and it was in fantastic shape and I had a great time. Played it last year and the round took 5.5 hours and the whole course was beat to shit. A lot of ground under repair, divots in greens, etc. It was a miserable round.


I played GD last year as well. I was really looking forward to it. It was one of the Chicagoland publics that I had not played but wanted to for a long time. Always heard good things. We were the third or fourth group off. We played in about 3hrs after playing through 2 of them. (2some) I really didn’t like the layout much to be honest. I would need to play it several times to develop a real opinion on it but after one play it didn’t live up to all the good things I had heard.


Lost Marsh is certainly interesting. The first 5-6 holes are virtually impossible. There are a couple of other funky holes that aren’t particularly well designed. The course is usually in pretty good shape, though, and you can find deals out there. It’s a pretty easy drive from the city, too.


Grew up in the northern suburbs and learned to play at Skokie Country Club. Currently living the dream and living in St Andrews playing golf for the University, but I am back in Chicagoland over the summer. Huge fan of Mistwood, Harborside, and Cantigny. I also think Mt. Prospect is a blast to play with all the architecture they pumped into it. THink one of the better and lesser talked about tracks is Onawentsia. Not the longest course but super fun, and I would highly recommend.


So much respect for everything they have done to that corse over the past couple years. Played it for the first time back in high school and it didn’t compare to what it is today. With Jason in charge, that place will only get better.


Hey @LordByron, Skokie hosted the Western Amateur last summer and it will be at Sunset Ridge this summer.


Joked about this earlier in the thread but looks like there is some development.


Good news, but I won’t allow myself to get too excited yet, at least until they start building. If, and this is a big if, they’re able to make this a Torrey-type set up (not the course itself, but fee structure, conditioning, accessibility, etc.), this would be spectacular. May be tough to maintain after the initial hype, though.


Any of you locals have a recommendation on a local teaching pro? I am looking for someone to see about once a month. Western suburbs would be ideal but I will travel on a good recommendation. My regular playing partner will be following me so if you get a referral bonus this will be a two fer…

Thanks for any help in advance!


I went to the community meeting tonight at south shore where the head designer from TGR showed the revised plan. He was saying all the right things about playability and fun and getting kids out there and the course being a community asset. As a nod to the community groups they added more “natural” area and moved the starting point more to middle of the course to return after the 9th. Glossed over the driving range location which was an issue with the original design on account of a dog park in the way, if I remember correctly.

Jackson park is my home course and I have a lot of fun playing there. I’ve played Torrey Pines and the difficulty on and around the greens took the fun out of it for me. I don’t know if you can realistically have it both ways on a parkland style course, hope I’m wrong though.