Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

Wait. Saturday morning right?

Damn how did I get that mixed up??? @VenkmansLament you are in

Hey guys, I’m headed down to Kankakee Elks with @Ballwackerguy this Saturday at 9:40. We still have 2 spots open. Let me know if anyone is interested

On another note, anyone have recommendations for a fitter preferably north of the city? True Spec, Club Champion?

I did club champion this past year for a full bag fitting. Wait for their Christmas time special and get fit in the offseason and you save 50% on the fitting.

After the fitting I took my specs and bought my clubs from https://www.truefitclubs.com/ based in Colorado. Saves you on sales tax and their prices were substantially less. Fantastic experience.


I’m only looking for an iron fitting do you remember if they did half off for that too? Which location did you use? Any specific guy you want to recommend?

All fittings are half off. I worked with Scott Trent. He was good, solid B.


I’ve got a guy in Schiller Park if you’re interested

DEFINITELY bringing the camera now.
And a change of underpants…cause this might be a disgusting round of golf (God bless match play)

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Go on

And my recap from today:

Villa Olivia fuks. MEGA strapped vibes in the best way, and 10-13 is an incredibly fun stretch of golf. Greens were punched, but I didn’t care.


Wow lmao. Also quit playing golf and post the OF photos!


Marketing shoot got priority :frowning:
But I have the weekend free and I PROMISE to post em :pray:


#YOTB 2021: The Year of the Blade


Anyone playing Saturday? Gusts up to 53 mph. I’m playing Shepherds. It’s going to be amazing hahaha


I LOVE that course in high winds. We played there a couple weeks ago and everyone was taking driver on the par 3 4th.


I swear to St. Rappeo that hole ALWAYS plays dead into the wind…

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That must be the prevailing wind direction, 3/3 times this season #1 and #3 have been down wind and #2 and #4 have been into it.


Playing in the Glenwoodie “Bring Your Best” Scramble on Saturday. Really looking forward to it especially if the wind will be whipping! First time playing in the event, but we got a sick squad it will be interesting to see how the wind effects the scoring.

predominant wind not quite N/S after all, but pretty close


is this like a superintendent’s revenge type thing where the pins are in impossible spots? love those