Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

It was the cruelest thing that has ever happened to me on a golf course, and that list is long and storied.

Guilty as charged.

I feel bad cause I didn’t want to be driving all over the course getting photos of everyone (since we’re guests), but I tried to snap as many people as I could.

Here is a teaser of the gallery that’ll go up next week:


Whatcha up to on Nov 7th? :smirk:

I’d also like to thank @TheAbeFroman for that unbelievable time! That course maybe too good.

I think the highlight for my group, definitely not me, was watching the HOSSEL ROCKETS I ripped on the short par three on the backside. Shades of Big Randy at Dornoch. @Nighthawk and I had a great match. Hanging around, hanging around… Kids got alligator blood (much respect). We had to take it to the putting green for a roll off, which was unreal.

What a day. Can’t wait to tee it up with refugees in the future.


Legitimately the only picture I took the entire day. Trigger is a legend.


Wait wait wait…that was the creek he cleared during that Wednesday BMW charity match?

I’ve been a surface-level proponent for bifurcation/rolling back the tech, but having played that hole now, I’ve become radicalized.


Want to piggyback on everything everyone has said about yesterday‘s event hosted by @TheAbeFroman. It was nothing short of sensational. I’ve never had so much fun getting vaporized by a golf course that I didn’t lose a ball on.

Played with @OliverLinks, whose got some game to go along with a super fun, laid back energy. He and his buddy Pat were an awesome group, and we were all in a constant state of awe with just how #good the place was. Things also got wild out there: oppo-fairway Mega Angles, near aces, 50-yard hole-outs for par after topped drives — we covered the whole spectrum.

Ultimately, I just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude the whole day. This little corner of the Internet we have here is a pretty cool thing, and we’re all lucky to have it. Thanks again, guis.


Pretty cool I became a single digit for the first time after posting an 85 (1 triple) at OF North! Thankfully my group was generous with two gimmes. Who can say if they would’ve went in if I had given them a serious chance? My vanity cap has reached new levels of delusion. Obviously as a single digit I need to drop these M2 shovels and get Miura blades.


Thanks for the kind words, sir. You’re a tremendous slouch yourself. Kidding aside, glad our worlds finally collided IRL. You’re a fantastic pards and would love to meetup, play some golf, and hopefully enjoy some time at the 19th hole post-COVID with ya.

@JBors, you’re quite the competitor. After taking a complete ass beating last weekend at CH you totally redeemed yourself. Pretty sure my bloated, rotting corpse is somewhere back on the 11th green. I know 100% the next time we play, the match will be hotly contested down to the last hole. Let’s make sure that happens sooner rather than later.

@Tomdevito, talk about a small world, right? Refuge, all you need to know is - I’m from an extremely small town in IL and this gui right here grew up mere miles from there. It was a pleasure playing with you, hope to do it again very soon.

@TheAbeFroman - hey, look at that. I did something right. Not much more can be said that hasn’t already. You’re a gentleman of the highest order. Thanks for putting this day together and allowing us degenerates the opportunity to experience your club. I’d love to get together before the snow flies for some golf. A mere couple hour drive is all that stands in the way. Piece of cake for this well-traveled bogey golfer.

Absolutely loved OF and & I sure would love the opportunity for a 2nd go at that golf course. I just couldn’t make any putts!


I’m in for Jax



“why stop at 18 holes?”. Things you love to hear


had a blast yesterday, thanks to @TheAbeFroman for having us out. Always a treat to get the full experience of North. Really awesome opportunity to get the club experience, thanks for letting us in!

@BabblingBrooksKoepka had a blast playing with you, have to let us know what club you join over the pond, in the meantime we may need to do some consulting on local tracks.

@Slips great meeting you yesterday on your way out, glad I got a shot of that silky smooth swing on 14.

@McDuffin at least you had the class to give Lavelle the $20 you cleaned from us, he may have been the only one that finished up on the day.

Can’t wait for the next outing.


What a golf course and what an experience. With some time to reflect on yesterday, having a chance to play OFCC with the NLU Chicago crew will go down as one of my all time favorite golf memories. The course was a challenging yet beautiful test of golf with truly stunning conditioning. There is history is all over the property, but at the same time there is a great sense of welcomeness that both the Club Employees and the members bring to life. None more welcoming than the great and powerful @TheAbeFroman. I can not thank him enough for for putting on such a great event and playing host to all of us. Many beers are in order when we are able to hit the watering hole post round (hopefully at Canal Shores).

Getting to golf with @Talented_Mr_Yipley was a treat in itself. Outside of the fact he drove in from Columbus to play, he can MASH the ball and make golf look easy. Our group certainly got to see some less traveled parts of the course, but that just added to the experience. Sharing laughs and golf stories were the perfect vibe as we navigated all that the North has to offer. I’d tee it up with the Columbus transplant any day of the week!

It’s an honor to be a part of this Chicago NLU ecosystem we have going. As the Fall Golf season marches on all I can say is hit ‘em long and straight.

P.s. if anyone is looking to get a round in this weekend let me know. I am making the trek to Kankakee Elks on Saturday and playing partners are extremely welcome.



Cog and Olympia Fields proved it’s a strong and thriving ecosystem! It seemed like both days broke the stigma behind playing golf with Internet strangers. I don’t know about you guys, but I always got some weird looks from friends and family when I told them I was going to play golf with people I had never met before.

Lots of promise for 2021! Boxcar events, hopefully more OF, and maybe a trip to Sweetens and a stay at the Birdhouse? A few of us were tossing the SC idea around for next summer over beers after Cog.


I needed this in a bad way before leaving town after Cog.


Reading these posts at the office after missing out on OF due to work:


I had a phenomenal time out there. that putt dropping (and the fact that it was clear from 10 ft out that it was going in) more than made for the all the failed up and downs, burned lips, and 3 putts that followed.

Beautiful course, and really appreciate you arranging such incredible weather for us too. :sunglasses:

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Brand new to the Near and from the Rockford area. Looking for some new courses to play. What would you guys recommend in the Chicagoland area?


Me to my wife: “I’m going to play Olympia Fields on Thursday with some guys I met online.”

My wife: “This sounds like a scam.”

Me: “I can’t argue with that.”

Occasionally the internet is good.