Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

I want to thank everyone for coming out today! Had an absolute blast hosting and learned a lot about hosting events…1) how google sheets works and 2) how much bigger we can do it next year. Why stop at 18 holes?

@EConroy419, his dad, and @dgkent were a ton of fun. Think the highlight for me was on #3 when @dgkent dropped a 50ft putt from the back of the green while I putted it off the green from half the distance.

@Hala-Mark-Rey unfortunately we couldn’t hang around to be entertained by Georgia…this time. Trigger continues to live the life I want to live.

@jimithng23 We have now been to several of the same outings and never played together. Unacceptable. Also, one day you will tag the right Sausage King.


I am confirmed out. You’re next.

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My ball came to rest for over a minute on the front of 13 (iirc). As I bent over to mark it, the wind pushed it down the hill to the exact spot where I’d just hit from.

Was someone in the 11:30 group taking pictures? On the 15th tee, I saw someone with a camera so I posed extra hard. Disregard that the ball ended up in the hazard and I made 6.


In fairness you hit a bomb and got a shit bounce.

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Also the key to #14 is to mentally miss the drive in the creek to the right knowing you are hitting 3 to an uphill pin from 190 out that requires a cut around a tree to an enormous false front

Bryson drove it over the whole valley. So that’s another way to play the hole


Give me access to his pharmacist and I’m golden (seriously, how has no one outside of Brooks called out his obvious juicing?.. stepping off my soapbox).

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jimithng regrets the error, both ways.

Let’s remedy this. Soon.


I mean, this was so sick. The ball covered probably 50% of the green and still rolled off. The best part was you walking right by it as it was rolling off and not even knowing it was happening.


“Is that my ball?”

As it rolls down the hill 50 yards.


What about @ChiFFI? Looks like we tied.

You get tiebreaker for low gross.

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That was @TCRBrad taking photos


If Covid didn’t cancel 2 trips with the wife combined with me taking 2 golf trips already… divorce sounds expensive. Any year but this.

Having played the Jax Beach muni (and shooting under my handi first go), big rec and missed opportunity.

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Counting how many more guys have to decline before I get the nod.


Also, @Hawkeye89 has serious speed. Dude can mash it


Appreciate it, @happykamper. Decided to take the Bryson philosophy today with some bomb and gauge.

Great time with you and @4ParsAtLahinch. Look forward to getting out with this group again.

When I made the Bryson joke on the first tee about the group in front of us being 330, I didn’t realize that you probably could’ve rolled up on them haha

Hope @CrunchyBear’s 2nd 18 went well and undetected by the staff. When you get it rolling on the back, you can’t stop.

Hey guys - newish to the refuge but always looking for new people to play with near the city. 29 years old, corporate desk jockey, don’t own a car but willing to pay my weight in booze. OFCC looked like a great time, would love to get on the course a few more times before the season is over.