Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

Low net/gross with $10 buy in, winner take all both divisions. NIT spot to low net for Cog Hill.

Regular stableford ends up w/ the same result. It just eliminates triple bogeys, thus speeding play.

Points Strokes taken in relation to adjusted fixed score
0 2 strokes or more over, or no score recorded
1 1 stroke over
2 Same number of strokes
3 1 stroke under
4 2 strokes under
5 3 strokes under
6 4 strokes under

Just a suggestion for PoP. Can be adjusted for net.

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Not on my watch. I’ll be riding around on a dirtbike with a cattle prod zapping anyone who takes longer than 30 seconds to hit a shot.

You have been warned.


We had a few drops just now - three open spots to bring us to twelve complete groups. Be sure to tell your friends that may be interested!


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Pretty sure it’s 10/8…



Yea def 10/8


This is what happens when @VenkmansLament talk about tournament ideas over the phone…

Working on a possible two round day. Play 18 one direction, and reverse the course for the second round…

Some time in November. Anyone interested?


Wait, it’s possible to play ALGC backwards?

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We’re going to try and make it a thing :wink:
In November when we might be able to rent the place out for the day

EDIT: @VenkmansLament and I talked about finding a place in November to rent out, and then turn in to a “forwards and backwards” day


Playing Harborside Port on Wednesday. Any tips for a first timer?

Also, any good spots to eat on the way back to Michigan? Outdoor seating is a plus.

Get ready to deal with the wind. LOTS of it out there (fun course though!)

Don’t hurt yourself laughing at the anchor green on #15.


That bad of design?

Canal Shores has entered the chat…

(CC: @VenkmansLament)


No it’s literally shaped like an anchor.



It’s memorable. It has that going for it?

Yeah, no real tips other than if you get a bad pin placement on #15, don’t psych yourself out. I get in my head way too much on that hole.

I love the effort, but I see just a couple problems with that routing.