Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

You sure can.


oh shit, thats so awesome! seems like it might be pretty tough without a pushcart but i need to give this a shot.

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Tbh they’re pretty cavalier about off-leash dogs. It’s pretty much the de facto Evanston off-leash dog park. You have to cross the road a bunch, but if you’re dog is good at stayin and not wandering off into the street you can just leave the leash attached while you play each hole and grab it when you walk from paddock to paddock. At least that’s what I’ve done. There’s probably only 5 or 6 spots where you might have to worry about the dog running into the street. At 4 green, 5 tee, 8 green, 11 tee, 12 green, 13 green. Otherwise it’s pretty enclosed or far from the road. And most of the roads are pretty quiet, w/ slow traffic.

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Bill Murray is in on the course, has a concert fundraiser every year I believe

@HardEight are we going to have to debate during our match about whether Pittsburgh is or isn’t in the Midwest?

So for those of us blessed with a play in game, should we expect to play twice before season end?

I don’t think I’d plan on it necessarily, but I’d definitely try to get the play in game done this year.


Yes, of course you can loop, but only if you spend 0% on proper caddying and 100% on drinking and gamesmanship


I figured that was understood

So ready to get first rounded LFG

Anyone need a 4th for this Sunday?

I’ve lived in the far northwest burbs for 30 plus years. Cary area. Foxford is a wonderful track. Great layout and the best 5 finishing holes in McHenry county. My other favorites out this way are Stonewall Orchard , Bowes Creek if you want a challenge. Randal Oaks is always in excellent shape and very playable for all. Private Clubs the North Shore is loaded with them if you lucky enough to get on any of them.


Listened to the Chicago Trapdraw again and yes, @Randy and @Tron this thread is having two events in the coming weeks. One at Cog Hill (was originally supposed to be Mt. Prospect but I contacted them too late) and another at Olympia Fields hosted by the Sausage King himself (shoutout @TheAbeFroman). Full fields of 52 and 40 at each event.

Is there any chance the winner of either event can get an NIT spot? Just curious in case our leader has the time and the liquid cash to make it to Jax Beach in the fall. Cheers!

CC: @Soly @djpie @MerchCzar


Got out to Robert A. Black this past weekend. The green contours are pretty great for a 9-hole muni. The routing is solid, too.


Greens were shaggy in June but massive and will be super fun. It’s also 20 minutes from EH for a solid double header!

I’m right in your neighborhood. Hit me up if you want to play sometime. One of my buddies lives on #8 at Foxford.

Cary Area too. Get out to foxford a ton cause of the the family golf. Gotta say though I like the last 5 holes at chalet hills and mchenry country club equal to foxford. The Elgin courses I really like but none of them strike the memory like the giant rock walls and southern style bunkers like foxford. Or “lake chalet”.would love to link up with you guys.

Anytime. Unless you’re playing Chalet Hills.
Then probably not. The place was hard enough when it was in good shape. Now it’s all overgrown on the edges and bare spots on the fairways and greens.
It’s just not fun.

I’m from the Peoria area and drove up yesterday to play Bolingbrook Golf Club with a friend of mine who lives near there.

It struck me as an interesting layout on an absolutely huge chunk of land. From what I gather it’s always blowing at least 15mph at all times there too. Clubhouse and entrance are quite impressive for what that’s worth.

Just curious what the locals think of it and where it fits in with the better courses in the Chicagoland area.

Little late to the party, but this match play bracket looks like a ton of fun. If anyone has to drop out I would be more than happy to fill the empty spot. I live in the city but am willing to drive to any of the burbs to play. Cheers!

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