Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

There is an empty US open spot in 2025 (or is it the PGA?) that cries out for a Midwestern course to host it. It will really be the last shot at a midwestern men’s major this decade I believe.

In regards to Lac La Belle: Early reviews are iffy as far as conditioning goes. Sounds like it’s going to need some time to mature. Maybe a midsummer 2021 Illinois vs Wisconsin event of some kind could be organized.

As a VERY unofficial spokesperson for WI, we’re in. Cc: @chrisisoutrunning


That place can turn into a Hackapalooza on weekends. No ranger to tell the elderly folk to play the right fees or skip holes. I remember seeing a foursome where every shot was a 60 yard flare to the right. Took 5-6 shots to hit the green on a 4.

Back 9 has some fun holes - few gettable 5’s and the 4’s with the downhill second shots. 18 has a really cool natural amphitheater type setting around the green that would be cool to sit around and watch people at an outing.

I played it a lot as single last year by grabbing any Hot Deal that was available, always for like $24 with cart. How was the conditioning? I remember a few greens having some type of illness that wasn’t being attended to much at all.

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Greens were in good shape. Bunkers are always in a sorry state but it’s forgivable because of their size and quantity. It was firm…I played from the whites and hit a 7 iron over the 11th green on my second shot and got up and down for the birdie. I’m glad I finally got a chance to play hole 12 which I’ve driven by at least a thousand times on my way to work.

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I was thinking of making a trip out there myself the day after Labor Day. Did you walk or ride?

We took a cart but the course is definitely walkable. Front nine is pretty flat while the back has a few more hills.

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I was out at Canal Shores over the weekend and agree that it is in really rough shape, which was surprising as I was just out there maybe 6-7 weeks ago and it was totally fine. It’s never going to be a beautifully maintained course and will be rough around the edges, but I wouldn’t judge it based on its current condition as it is usually not rock hard and dead (fun to play it super firm and fast though…).

I’m guessing the loss of Big 10 football this fall put a big hole in the budget as the course operators and City usually make a decent amount of money offering game-day parking at the course (revenue which they already have to share with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District who actually owns the property) coupled with a handful of outdoor events such as concerts that are obviously not happening in the COVID-era. They probably got away with saving money and not watering in the spring since we had record rainfall in May but the heat and dry August looks to have crushed the course.


Just wanted to take the opportunity to shamelessly bump a previous post I made on a separate thread re: Jackson Park here on the Chicago thread. It comes off rather scathing but I promise it’s (mostly) satirical - I am a sucker for a fun muni and write this exclusively out of love. It may be a shithole but it’s OUR shithole.


Chicago Match Play Update:

We have 34 total entrants in the bracket which should work out well. Most of the people are in the city, so I tried to put most of the burbs people together in quadrants and randomized the rest. Seeding was done completely random, and we are playing off net anyways so the only people impacted are those that have to do the play-in game for 8 seed as they will have to win one more match.


  • Everyone will need a handicap to play. If you don’t have a handicap you will need to play off scratch. I suggest just downloading an app and posting your last 5 scores to get one if you don’t have one. Just use your best judgement and don’t be a scumbag, this is supposed to be fun.
  • Pairings will set up date, time, and location to play. Hopefully everyone can work together and try and get foursomes set up so we can meet more people as we progress through the bracket!
  • When the match is complete, post the results in the thread. I will manage updating the spreadsheet.
  • Each round will have a date matches will need to be completed by. For the first round people can start playing between now and end of the season. Depending on how many matches we get in we will determine the dates for each round at the beginning of next season.
  • In the event you are putting forth the effort to schedule your match but your opponent is ghosting you then we will determine if that person needs to forfeit. If both players go radio silent and miss due date, then they are both out.

I think that should cover everything. If there is something I am missing, call it out.




Hate to see the organizer knocked out in the first round


In the spirit of competitions being posted about - everyone cool with a net/gross stableford game for Cog Hill? It was the most mentioned game in the zillion Google Forms I subjected you guys to. 18 Birdies can handle live scoring for both gross and net. All you’ll need to do is downloaded the app, input your handicap, and join the tournament.

We can figure out buy in and payout amounts once we have an idea on how many will wanna play the game. No worries to anyone that just wants to show up to play and hangout!



Can I loop for you?


I’ll just say it. I, and many local geese, do not feel safe being paired up with @Slips.

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If anyone sees Gary, a pissed off goose hobbling around No. 6 on the Hillside 9 at Cantigny, please let him know I’m sorry.


Listening to the nest pod and completely forgot that we should probably have tried to get an NIT spot(s) for the Chicago event. @Tron/@djpie what’s the protocol here? We have 52 guys playing at Cog Hill #2 on 10/3, so pretty large event for a lot of the guys who probably would have went to the actual qualifier in Chicago before the COVID got us.


I played Canal Shores last week too. I haven’t played it in maybe 8 years, so it was fun seeing all the progress they’ve made. I love seeing the dogs walking around and wish more courses allowed it. I totally agree on the conditions. August has been really dry in Chicago, but it is in really rough shape. I wish someone like Mike Keiser or Luke Donald(Chicago ties) would purchase it and restore it. It could be so awesome

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Ya I mean this is a drought. Some courses can handle it and some cannot.

Can you actually take your dog with you on the course while you play?