Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

Of course. I’m def not above muni golf. Found my way into a great community of golfers in Pittsburgh by hanging out at the one city muni (no par 5s, bunkers or grass tees) every other evening after work. I enjoyed Jackson Park a few years ago during my first visit to the Second City.

Golf is kind of like pizza for me. Even bad pizza is still pretty good.

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I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Canal Shores. I played it for the first time a few weeks back and the course was in pretty rough shape. Really wanted to love it and definitely support everything it’s about but tough to drop 35 there when you can play Mt Prospect for basically the same price. Hopefully I just caught it at a bad time.

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Great morning for some refuge wolf hammer at Marovitz!


I was in Chicago from Saturday - today (Thursday) to check in on our condo and check in on a few things. Good to be back, but glad to get out as we spent way too much money and the social distancing was spotty at best. Ha!

However, I did get to play a few rounds of golf! @TheAbeFroman @TrajMahal @Not_Fleetwood and I managed to get out to The Warren Course at Notre Dame on Sunday, and had a great time. The course plays a lot longer than what I remember, however it was still a great time. Coore/Crenshaw on a budget, with 17 & 18 being my favorite holes on the course.




The highlight of the week though was Tuesday, and playing the Championship (#3) Course at Medinah Country Club with @TheAbeFroman and @Not_Fleetwood . What a great day this was! Played with a really cool member and we took caddies out to walk the round.


Yours truly


Overall, it was a fun course to play. I’ll let the other two speak for themselves, but I felt that the course was a little underwhelming considering the hype and history of it all. I feel the history and all of the major tournaments played on #3 is what makes the course so sought after to play. There was no tee shot, or any shot for that matter, that was intimidating at all. I’ve played the #1 course (Doak) before, and felt that course was far superior and more in line with my style of play. Don’t get me wrong: I would play #3 over and over again! :slight_smile:

It was great waking away with par on the first two holes, and feeling exhilarated knowing that I was walking the same path that Tiger Woods, JT and others walked just a year before here at the BMW Championship. My wife and I came for one day of the tournament, and so actually playing the same course as them was super cool.

The best part of the day though, was coming on to 17 and seeing it again from last year. My wife and I got into the BMW owners stands last year on 17, and parked there for a few hours to watch.

So seeing the hole From this vantage point last year:

And then seeing it from this vantage point this year and actually playing it, was so cool!

And for those wondering, I did put my tee shot in the water.

Good times! Great to see Jon and Alex again, and to finally meet Kevin. Him and I are going to hopefully play a few rounds in a few weeks back home in Nebraska!


It was a blast getting out with you again and meeting @TheAbeFroman and @TrajMahal. Loved #3 for the company and breaking 80 unexpectedly, but it has lost some of it’s teeth it seems from last time I played it. Many less trees, rough down, and soft, slowish but smooth greens made it easy pickings. Only thing that coulda made it better was if I had jarred it after that pic of me on 13 (that one looked so close!). The white tees also made it much more manageable too.


In the spirit of the week, I want to open up the alternate list for the bonus event at Olympia Fields on October 8 for those who cannot attend the Oct 3 event. As is stands by my math, we have ~3 open spots for alternates. Alternates will be picked by random drawing on Sept 4 to give people enough time to call off work if necessary.

Also if you were a late addition to the Oct 3 event please fill out as well out of abundance of caution. Don’t want to overlook anyone.


Did the member for a day deal out at Bowes Creek for the first time. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to play more than 18 in a day. Really fun track and conditions were good. A lot of public courses tout a country club feel but I thought this delivered.


Looks awesome.

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Would be very into getting some kind of group trek up to this spot organized. Any buyers?


Robert Black is perfect for scratching the itch. I actually liked a lot of the holes, some strategy required but not overly demanding. I also thought it was in pretty good condition


They have made massive improvements on conditions in recent years - adding things like sand in bunkers and not rocks.

If one to fall in to history rabbit holes… The course used to be 18, private back in the day. The houses to the north were part of the initial development. I don’t think the existing 9 is any carry over though.

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Anyone looking for a fourth tomorrow (8/29) or looking to play? In the western burbs but will travel

I know the course will be playing easier in six weeks, but holy hell, I need to go dial in my driver and greenside bunker game.

All of us watching the BMW image


Great fun to watch so far, especially knowing the course pretty well(in a past life). My biggest question is, will this open the door to bring the us open back eventually or will the pga continue to keep in the bmw rotation? I’m very skeptical the us open will ever return, but bmw seems like a good marriage.

I would hope the BMW sticks, but they got perfect weather for fast and firm.

I’d like the BMW to stay in Chicagoland though. OF, Medinah, Dubs and Conway Farms would be a decent rota that gets the tournament to all parts of the region.

Going to Maryland next year is BS.


How were the conditions the other day? I have read the greens are in rough shape.

pretty beat up, sad to see the track on it’s last legs

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Apparently I don’t know how to make a Google Sheet with edit abilities for anyone else so I took it down. Just remember to pay between now and 9/19/20.

I’m gonna put together the groups in a few weeks. Please let me know if you prefer to go off at a certain time or with specific Refugees. Obviously if you have guests coming with you’ll be playing with them.

Weather permitting I’m for sure gonna play there Saturday the 12th if anyone’s interested.

Played the back 9 of Highland woods today so I’ve seen the whole course now. I can see why that place gets so much play. Pace of play was slowish, saw some 60 year old using driver on the par 3 13th playing from the back tees which wasn’t a good sign. Group behind us were on those golf board things lmao.