Where my Chicagoland NLU'ers at?

but there’s also a gap in the trees you can aim for to hit over the tracks into the 11th green

They cleared more trees this year so the vertical approach may be a lot easier.

our group all DNF’ed having left our second in the crosswalk (best ball - but once you hit a ball into the street/OB you’re out of the hole).

This makes sense.

punchy 9 to scoot the ball across the street here


there’s about a 8-10 yard gap to start the ball through

Batshit. I guess it makes a big difference playing w/o leaves on the trees.

Another sneaky good reverse hole is 15 to 14

Apologies for missing that one. Playing passed the green is brilliant. I live within walking distance and am at the course multiple times a week and couldn’t figure that one either.

This is amazing. If you do this again this year, please, lmk!


OH! And you basically have to aim at the train bridge to go from 3 green across to 12 green…it’s a blind shot that you basically just hit and hope. Great fun…we’re definitely working on having an NLU day out there soon

Good sight lines on that one now w/ the tree removals!

This is hilarious, and would never work.

Hello friend :slight_smile:

OH. Oh oh oh…um…I challenge you to a duel!

We play match play going the right way around, and then flip course in the afternoon for a fun jaunt through the reverse routing. @JBors am I doing this right?

EDIT: We’re calling it “The War at the Shores”. There is no other name. Even if we can’t go around backwards then we’ll play 36. This is happening.


do u baby boo

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I’m 100% in. But if I lose, I can always just claim it was the fault of the routing, not my own personal doing

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Greens fees can go directly to the Canal Shores Crew since they’re a non-profit and don’t get help from Wilmette or Evanston.

I’m so pumped. Not sure we’ll be able to do the reverse routing but I’ll talk with the clubhouse and see if we can do it. There will be another thread for this…you da man @slick_willy


Time to work on my tunnel-punch shot and over-road flop shots.

Damn straight. Don’t forget the crosswalk bump-and-run!

November 14th or 15th looks like a winner since the Bears game is on Monday night AND the course will be able to play in both directions without anyone getting hurt (ie: The civilians that walk the grounds with their doggos and such). I know it’s a SUPER time crunch, but I think we can get a decent group of people together for this.

that’s masters weekend…


AAAANNNNDDDDD this will not be the weekend of the 14th lol

Working it out with @slick_willy still, trying to make sure our schedules line up…but rest assured we’re working hard to make this happen.


Take whatever you need off the tee to find the short stuff. Wild tee shots will be the death of you. Fescue when i played a tourney was hip high so there was no chance so idk if its really playable rn.

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I’m in love with this idea, especially at the Shores. Weekend before Thanksgiving possibly?

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Working on scheduling, but in that window yessir!
Figure we could get about 40 people to set up a full day of golf + a solid donation to Canal Shores


Assuming that Wisconsinites are allowed, I would make the trek down for this.


1000% yes. An open event for sure :slight_smile:

We’ll start a separate thread once a date is confirmed


This will be a perfect way for my fiancee to probably kill me right before the holidays, making it much less stressful overall… :rofl: :joy:


It’s a solid strategy to direct all of the wife’s anger at myself during the holidays.

I can handle it, then she can complain about me instead of other people.