Where have you played...?


I remembered a lot more than I expected, but there’s a 100% chance I forgot some.


Only showing 30ish but know I am missing some. Going to try and get to 50 this year and expand my horizons.


27 courses over three summers. Pretty jealous of some of these maps on here…

  1. Wow I wasn’t sure if I’d land at 50 or 150 really…Enormous KC/Ohio concentration.


Coastal elitist!


At 123 (one round in Australia not pictured)


Pretty obvious to tell where I grew up (KS/MO), but just over 100 courses for me. It should be a little more than that, but there were a couple that I played once not remembering the name and a few that have closed down.


Just a 2 second glance on yours already showed me I missed shadow glen and sycamore ridge…


I almost missed Shadow Glen too! Just happened see it when I was marking Falcon Valley.


I am at 44, with almost half being in 2018. Excited to see this list continue to grow. I have a new one lined up in a few weeks, Estancia in Scottsdale, which will be my first round in 2019.


I’m at 114 with a strong PA and Carolinas bias. In need of some westward expansion.


Hit 150 today! AC Read golf course on NAS Pensacola. Great track, $19 to wal twilight.


Is that CDA Resort and Circling Raven in Idaho?


I now think I may only play golf at courses I haven’t been to yet and turn down offers at my home courses. Want to hit 500 and can easily do that without even leaving the state of Florida.


Those are the two in Idaho. Played there back in September 2015 on a trip to Missoula to see a football game. CDA Resort is beautiful, but a little gimmicky for my tastes. I was pleasantly surprised by Circling Raven.


Agreed. When Hagadone had the resort built he told the architect he was sick of going to PGA style resort courses and getting ejected. So he demanded his was pretty and quirky and fun, but not that hard. But I always enjoy it.

Circling Raven is just awesome. That back 9, out in the Palouse on your own, is beautiful. So peaceful and quiet. Lots of width and angles. Firm, frighteningly fast greens. And it’s not even expensive.

If you’re ever out that way again check out The Links out on the prairie behind Post Falls. It’s outrageously good and there’s never anyone there. Best $25 round in Idaho. Possible the whole PNW!


I have serious issues with my adolescent memory, but thankfully I seem to have remembered all my IJGT venues and there were several write-ups still on my boarding school’s website that helped with listing the high school courses. A real pain, though.


Trying to think back on all the courses played as a kid was quite enjoyable. Mostly concentrated in the hometown of Milwaukee and then the college/current city of St. Louis but there were some cool outliers. 76 in total!


My list…there are a few courses in Dubai, and one in Cyprus too…but map is a bit tedious at that point.

Adding some French courses this year…and I am sure there are some I have missed off so far. Hard to keep track at times.


Best idea I’ve seen on the refuge. Thanks for the suggestion. This was some nostalgic fun and can’t wait to add to my list…