Where have you played...?


Fun exercise here Refuge. Create a Google map of all the courses you’ve played. Used My Maps and it’s super easy. I loved the process and looking back at everything I’ve played. I’m at 149 now and this has driven me to play different courses when I travel now. It would be easy to always play Audubon when in NOLA but the map forces me to play different tracks.


My entire Friday is now spoken for.


Doing this for sure. Great idea!
My Google maps have a bunch of other saved locations on it, how do I do a fresh map?


Use Google MyMaps. Allows you to create your own.


I’ve done this :blush: got the idea from the
RACDG. I’m at 60. Not bad for 5 years play. Want to get to 100 now.



Totally doing mine. I’m at 103. Passed 100 in September. It was Moor Park in NW London. Played Sunningdale as 103.

I’m also lucky enough to have played all over the world, from Thailand to South Africa to Hong Kong to Dubai.

Looking forward to doing my map…


I have a list, but map form will be much more fun. I’m in the low 90s, and should hit 100 next summer in Scotland. This is a great activity to run out the clock at work tomorrow afternoon.


Cool idea! I made a spreadsheet a few months back listing all the courses I can remember but will have to map them out now…




I went back through my list and added them to the map.
I’m pretty ashamed to be honest. I don’t mind that I haven’t played coursed l over the world, but I realized how many times I’v just defaulted to my local muni, while there are some amazing, un-tried courses within 40 min drive.
Determined to do better this year.


I’m currently stranded on 199 courses.

The Old Course was my 100th (June 2009) and I’ve been trying to make something suitable my 200th. Elie is the first course I’m playing on a trip to Fife in May, but not sure I want to turn down the chance to play some newies before then!


Can’t zoom in on your map to see for sure, but I’d suggest Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, or Spyglass to anyone who hasn’t played those 3. And they’re all 3 within 10 miles of each other.


Thanks for having me do this. It was fun. Easy to see I’ve played lots of course in concentrated areas.


More zoomed-in view without Hawaii.



Fantastic idea! Embarking now. Will report back …

UPDATE: It’s saddening to have to drop custom pins and write out “now closed” for a few really great tracks.


My memory taps out at 93 … which means 2019 will be the “Year of the Century Course”!

UPDATE: After sleeping on it and going back through old scorecards/memorabilia, my total sits at 104. So this year will have to be the race to a Century and a quarter.


My golf map so far. Played a lot of courses around central Illinois growing up. By far the best course I have played is the Scarlet Course at The Ohio State University’s golf club. Got it play it as part of a conference in Columbus I attended through work and was pretty pumped about that perk.


What’s your favorite central IL course? Did you play anything in Bloomington-Normal?


This was too much fun.
48 in total. Looking to expand east of Denver and knock out some of the Northern California courses I have missed so far (Northwood, Spanish Bay, Pac Grove, Sharp Park, etc.) in 2019.


Had a hard time remembering some courses from way long ago. Sadly moved back to the midwest after a stint in Northern California. Definitely left a few great courses out there and need to get back to cross them off the list.

Charleston/Augusta area this year should get a few in that region.


My favorite is probably Fox Prarie AKA Angus Links near Windsor. No two holes are alike and it is just the right amount of penalizing if you don’t keep it in the fairway. Plus it doesn’t get a ton of play so it is always in good condition. They have a $25 play all day rate during the summer on Mondays so my boss and I would make it a goal every summer to make it down there and play 72 holes in one day. It’s one of my favorite gold experiences so far.
I haven’t made it to any in Blo-No but The Den and Weibring are on my list.


I realized I’m over 100 course which is kinda cool. There’s a decent chance I’m forgetting a few courses in the KC area from when I was younger as well. Glad I got to zoom out to include the Aussie tracks. Going to add a bunch in Scotland this summer, so we’ll be close to a full world map. I also added colors for a few different spots. Yellow are for cities where I definitely played golf, but am not 100% sure on the course. Green are clubs/resorts with multiple courses. Red (can’t really see) are courses that no longer exist. RIP to both @Soly (Riviera CC in Dublin) and @djpie’s (Oak Club of Genoa, IL) childhood tracks that are both on my map.